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Buy rf1 or wait for rf2?

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Matthias Devisch, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    I've been playing f1 2010 on ps3 for a while but don't got enough time available on TV-screen. So ive come up with rfactor, my question is: should I buy it now or wait for the relaes of rFactor2?
    I would play it on laptop with following specs:

    AMD Athlon X2 QL-65 Dual Core Processor
    Clock Speed: 2.1GHz, 1MB L2 Cache
    4GB DDR2 Memory
    15.6″ Widescreen LED Backlit LCD Display
    ATI Radeon 3200HD graphics chipset
    Up to 1408MB graphics memory from shared resources
  2. buy rF, now it's cheap, sometimes here in Italy you can find it for 10€ with some game magazine
    when rF2 will come ... buy it too :D
  3. I wouldn't think it would hurt to get rF now. I see people all over the place talking up rF2 and saying that they've stopped playing rF1 to wait for rF2, but the simple fact is that rF2 is not going to replace rF1 overnight. The original still has a lot of life in it!
  4. go for rF.. its never too late to.. and u still got couple of months (hopefully) for rF2..
    i never played rF until very recently.. and believe me.. i can't think of anything else right now.. coz i think its a great sim..
  5. Just buy it. There's no release date announced for rF2, so you could end up waiting for a while. And as said in the previous posts, you may now find it at very interresting prices.
  6. imho, buy rF, you have lot of time to practise with it until rF2 comes out, so you can gain experience with the control and physics of the game :), you will test lots of mods until rF2 release. rF1 has a lot of life, lots of leagues, activity...

    Go go! Buy it! :tongue:
  7. yeah and even when rF2 is out it will be a while till a decent mod is released..
  8. Oke, I got the message ;)
    I have found a copy for 20€
  9. You've just bought yourself a slice of Sim Racing History:good:. I'm sure you'll find some gr8 mods to enjoy until rF2 is out and then you'll appreciate even more rF2 when it's here :).

    Have fun:wink:.
  10. good, see you on track :thumb:
    this section is plenty of races !!
  11. Thanks guys, I'll be looking out to race clean online. I don't have much experience, so my strategy for my first couple of online races will be: start way back on the grid and try to fight forward oneby one, instead of smashing everyone at the first corner lik in F1 on ps3...
  12. You should join up in the races in the RD Racing Club here - http://www.racedepartment.com/rfactor-racing-club/

    Currently the schedule is:

    Monday: Legends Cars
    Wednesday: Touring Masters
    Friday: Porsche Cup
    Sunday: Open-Wheelers, currently GP2

    Don't worry if you're not up to speed yet, everyone's very friendly, and the quickest way to learn is by driving with others :)
  13. Go for Rf1 it is well worth the money also what you have to take in mind is you will see lots of us talking about Rf2 coming out some time this year and then its a good thing to get. But this is the big 1 there will not be half as many moods on it for at least a year. So I think you will be like me and still play Rf1 for some time yet :)