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buy a used fanatec csw v1.5 or a new fanatec CSL Elite Wheel Base???

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by George Daras, Sep 26, 2017.

  1. George Daras

    George Daras

    Hi guys!
    A friend is selling a used fanatec csw v1,5 for 200 euros without wheel.
    But i see that the CSL Elite Wheel Base it costs 320 euro (120 euro more) but new.
    What's your opinion?
    Is there a lot of differeces between them?
    Should i keep my g27? :) :)
  2. racingenthusiast


    Well I would buy a new one because you get your warranty so if anything goes wrong you can send it back to Fanatec, and I heard a lot can go wrong with their products. Apart from the V3 pedals I heard they are solid, just had mine for 1 week so can not confirm it yet. But yea spend the extra 120 euro, or wait till sales, November is not far off. But yea I would rather spend the 120 just for the warranty alone.
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