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Apparel Button's 2014 British GP Helmet 1.1

Without Fin

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  1. Why post again.
  2. I Don't know accidentaly, please anwser!:thumbsup:
  3. Will add it later.
  4. thanks! why you still post 2012 skins?:O_o:
  5. A lot of people play 2012 then 2013.
    2013 is not meant for modding.
  6. Awesome mate!
  7. not meant for modding?? But you know I suggest to upload your mods for 2013 because the majority plays 2013. :)just like me:) Probably you'd have more downloaders. Is anyone except you doing mod constanly for 2012?

    This is not for discommending you for making 2012 mods its just disappointing :( :cry: for me that there is good mod :thumbsup: but not for te current game just for an old game.
  8. Easy because this game is much more moddable than the current game. As Gerald already said f1 2013 wasn't meant for modding. You can do much more creative stuffs than in the current game.
  9. 2012 helmet can be use for 2013, same....some kind of like structure, duh :D
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  10. once it didn't work
  11. Helmets will work for bespoke helmets but for AI it needs to be a bit different for some.
  12. but once it was a 2012 karthikeyan helmet for career mode and it messed up. and once there was a really scary one here it is. Riccardo won Vettel was second but wow!!!.

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  13. U have same texture for both.
    Change the helmet texture for vettel.
  14. airutonpurosuto8912


    It's meant for Red Bull chassis painting :p
  15. but who the hell plays 2012 when we gonna have 2014 soon?!
  16. airutonpurosuto8912


    2014 mod is cancelled...