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Buttkicker questions

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by ShredatorFIN, Aug 24, 2016.

  1. Hello,

    I recently bought the Pearl Throne Thumper + included 200w amp. This one:


    Using it with Sim Vibe & Assetto Corsa, in Seat mode. (Only 1 transducer at the moment)

    Few questions:
    - If there is any kind of "clonk" noises, is that the piston hitting the stopper/ clipping?
    - Is that damaging to my transducer?
    - If it is, how damaging? If I get a few bangs in some points like hitting another car or crashing, will this be harmful to my Bk in long term? Or is the only downside the loud noise?
    - Anyone has good SimVibe settings for DiRT Rally + single transducer? I tried several settings, and wasn't able to dial in suspension/bump feedback that would make any sense. Unlike in AC.

    In Assetto Corsa was able to get very nice road/suspension feel, but the problem is some spikes.. like when the car spawns to the track, it actually drops from mid-air and hits suspensions hard, causing this "clonk" from the transducer. To eliminate this I need to turn overall volume down, but then the other effects and suspension effects get quite weak. I don't mind the "clonk" unless it damages the buttkicker.

    Sorry for newbie questions, just got the thing and as it was rather expensive, afraid I'm going to damage it with too heavy signal. Any help would be very appreciated.
  2. i use simvibe and mini concert for my pedals, if you butt clonck it is not good, too much power or bad position, for gaming use 40-50 hertz.
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  3. butckkiker will be more Noise bass skakers in comparison, if you use simvibe you can go sim experience owners club, community posted different settings for dirt rally.
  4. shakers- sry