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Buttkicker for PC F1 2010

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by menacegtr, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. hi to you all, is anyone using a buttkicker for this game. I have the wireless buttkicker but am not getting much rumble, is anyone else having the same problem. Even at full volume not much is going on. When i run rfactor, race on then my seat shakes like hell
  2. I'm using a ButtKicker with my PS3 and racing rig. You're not going to get much rumble with F1 2010 unless you go over the rumble strips or have an impact. The engines are pretty high pitched so the effects aren't as pronounced as in some other games.
  3. thanks for reply. Yes its seems there isn't a lot of low end stuff going on, like you said it is all high pitched, rumble strips are nice though
  4. Buttkicker compatible

    anyone using buttkicker with this game? i have mine mounted to my obbuto cockpit and it only responds to the music in game nothing on rumble strips or collisions.maybe a sound mod is needed with better bass for theese effects to respond?awesome site btw
  5. ps3 or pc
    if ps3 check out insidesimracing for a fix
    if pc seems others have the same issue.
  6. pc version,i had same issue with codies GRID but dirt 2 it works pretty good so i was suprised it wasent working in f1 10
  7. I'm using a buttkicker. The best you can do is lower the music volume in game and set your overall volume higher. Works for me.
  8. I've got a different system than the buttkicker and I had to mess about with the high cut level and boost frequency levels like crazy to get any sort of feedback going. I found it was a lot better with Hardware audio than the other two selections.

    Now I get a rumble when I go over the kerbs and I can feel each gearchange. Bit of a pain having to adjust everything back if I play another game as they all seem to work fine at the same settings.
  9. Buttkicker Again

    I no i started this up a while but, am just finding it hard to except that on the xbox 360 the buttkicker is very strong with this game, my seat really goes mad. But through the pc version it hardly reacts, is there a fix or do we wait for a patch. Here is a pic of system
  10. hello man,

    I'am french but sorry for my bad english

    Thank you for your mod but i have one question.

    I want remove the sound of the wheel (squeak) one the turn.

    How remove this please?

    Thank be advance

    "In french

    J'aimerais enlever le son de grincement des pneus que vous avez rajouter quand on prend des virages trop rapidement, comment peut on faire pour retirer cela?

    Autrement le mode est parfait

    Merci d'avance