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Buttkicker Audio Mod

Discussion in 'F1 2011 Mods' started by Jean-Pascal Ross, Dec 6, 2011.

  1. Hi, do anyone here still have this mod on his computer, I can't download it from this site and I would really like to try it. Thanks !!!
  2. What's Buttkicker audio? Any good?
  3. F1 2011 Buttkicker / Audio Mod by Derinahon - 18/10/11


    Copy each file to your 'F1 2011/audio' directory.


    This mod adjusts specific audio settings in order to pass more low frequency sound to your Buttkicker, sub or other shaker device.


    Tested with a flat EQ and Rapture 3D audio. Turn your Buttkicker down at first to avoid damage or upsetting your neighbours :p As always, feedback is welcome.


    * Louder spin and lock.
    * Tyre scrub cuts in later and is less gradual.
    * Played around with replay audio a little, not happy with it yet.


    * Revised suspension feedback. Less harsh, feel smaller bumps in the track.
    * Minor increase for lock up sound
    * Various other adjustments to bass levels[/QUOTE]
  4. could we see a video-preview?
  5. maybe this sound

  6. Thanks! will try this today with my aura bass shaker!
  7. Is this the buttkicker audio mod or it's another mod?
  8. it's a record from real life
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  9. so is a real sound, can anyone do this mod
  10. is this in this mod or it was record??
    I want a Audio mod like this
  11. me too.;)
  12. Of course it's a dub! The gearshifts are a dead giveaway.
  13. If some body makes a Mod like this will be awesome
  14. Hello, can i ask you where to download this mod ? (Buttkicker Audio Mod )

    Sorry for my english.
  15. How dare you put a Ferrari sound on a McLaren? :/ And even a Ferrari V10 Engine, not V8.... :D
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  16. Its A V8 Engine, actually i think its from kimis 2007 Ferrari.
  17. My bad, it is V8.

  18. hello pourais you if possible to give the bond because filreserve does not function any more I have a buttckiker lfe and the sound of Ferrari is brilliant!!! by hoping that you can remetre new a bond:cry::(:cry:
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