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Buttkicker Amplifier

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Roadster-2, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. I have a Buttkicker Gamer on the way but it's just the vibration unit on its own, no amplifier. Does anyone know of a relatively inexpensive power amplifier that can be used to drive it. Everything I've looked at so far costs more than a new Buttkicker Gamer 2.

  2. Hmmm, got some more details on the specs of the butt kicker? wattage/ohms etc, the more info, better the chance of a result :)
  3. I have one, and would like an alternative too, since the amp that come from the factory, BKA-130-C, are kinda delicate. I had to send mine back for another one. Here are the specs,

    -90 Watts rms @ 2 ohms
    -Wired Remote Control
    -Class D switching technology
    -Variable high cutoff, 40 - 160 Hz
    -Low cutoff, 25 Hz switchable
    -Five way binding post output
    -Convection cooling, no fan
  4. Thanks Ramon :)

    I will have a dig about later and see if I can find anything, also if anyone else has something would be good to know also :)

    P.S. Ramon LOVE you avatar LMAO!
  5. Thanks guys. It would be good if we can source an alternative. I know that there were problems with the amp used on the original Buttkicker Gamer so perhaps knowing of an alternative would be good for these users to.

  6. My amps crapped out on me , did anyone find a similar spec replacement.?

    All help would be great. Thanks.
  7. Sorry Matt

    I didn't find anything, although my search was far from exhaustive.....

  8. I didn't find anything suitable either, or should I say nothing suitable at a reasonable cost. I ended up buying a Gamer II amp that came up on eBay. If your amp was a pre Gamer II amp then you can look out for a Gamer II amp as this will be better.

    Good luck
  9. It's a gamer2 amp that I have (BKA-130-C).
    I have spoken to the uk dealer , and they offered to repair it for me.

    I will keep you posted as to costs etc.


    I just ordered one of these also

  10. I've been waiting on a replacement amp for Gamer 2 since about March this year (2016). Apparently the new amp is coming but I really hope it's sometime soon.

    Amplifier stopped working shortly after getting it. It wouldn't turn on and when power button pressed it would make a click sound and then nothing.

    Was a great piece of kit until that happened.