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Buthmann's Reasonably Priced Vehicle

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Raphael Buthmann, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. I started a concept on Star-T hatch base, It will be a Hatchback/pickup/cabrio 3 seater car. I will think about a good specs for this concept =D
  2. How are you going to fit four people in three seats..? ;)
    "Occupants: Must seat at least four, but can at maximum have eight."
  3. ok, I can scale it for 4 occupants. lol
  4. good point
  5. Someone know any tutorial to create a rearlight texture or how bake one? :s
  6. i did using photoshop, gallardo real one and some creativity! lol
  7. Ok, I have made a brand new rearlights on photoshop. I tried :s :confused:
  8. looks a lot better now!!! i liked very much the front! real hot hatch or city-fast hatch. it can be 2+2 car, only child on the rear seats, and much space for front passengers liked the headlights too.. can i do a little suggest? add little headlight washers... i gonna do it for my cascada.. i think in yours looks good too.. another suggest is the whole roof in little tinted glass, as it looks nowaday. keep looking on it!
  9. =D thanks amgfan. but... my rearlights sucks, LOL. The roof is whole glass, I am thinking to add a surfboard on top of car. It's something like a weekend beach car for 'familly', I think it will be good. LOL. I am having some problems with textures but I will try to learn some things =D Thanks for opinion bro' I will start the interior tomorrow.
  10. Great work and the rear lights don`t suck btw... :)
  11. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    That looks like Ferrari's idea of a hatchback, great work. And the lights are awesome!
  12. 2o6


    I like the entire thing a LOT.
  13. [2]
  14. It's good or bad? LOL
  15. nice!
  16. Lol. I am searching about good tutorial to make the interior of my concept. This is called Star-T Beach. Slogan : A day on the Beach don't need be expensive.
  17. Someone knows where is that 3ds max dof plugin?
  18. never mind this plugin.. someone said about that sometime ago... i do converting 3ds to dof in zmod, but you miss some normals sometimes.
  19. This is happening for me "/