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Bumpy Ride - Need Help

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Tarmac Repented, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Quite new to PC (coming from console) racing but already a a massive fan of Assetto Corsa, I bought Game Stock Car Extreme (without trying the demo first) having seen online videos that heaped praise upon it. I thought it would be similarly good fun, quick-loading, straightforward and accessible.

    So far I have not been able to get the game to recognise the Nvidia graphics card in my gaming laptop. This was disappointing but I have maximised the resolution of my on-board Intel HD4000 and can make it run with that card. I understand that this sim' is a NEW game but based on an OLD engine - so I wonder how much it matters that I can't use the graphics card I expected to.

    Perhaps it is not a problem at all (??????).

    Next, I was surprised to not seem to be able to manually configure my Fanatec CSR wheel, pedals and shifter. There is no preset profile for it. I selected the Logitech G27 with Stick option but found that the gearbox does not have second gear mapped. This means I will not be able to use any of the manual cars in the manner I would have chosen. I have changed to the Stick-less Logitech G27 profile and can change gear with my wheel's paddle shifters which is easier - and more appropriate for some of the vehicles.

    Trying to maintain a positive attitude and not think my purchase a rash mistake, I began to play - only to find that my knowledge of how to do so, and of general race procedure, is SEVERELY lacking. I did not know that I would have to switch off a speed limiter until the game told me to do so. It said to press Joypad Button 8. This corresponds to LSB on my CSR Wheel and took some messing with guessing and and pressing the wrong buttons to finally find.

    Once on the track, I was very quickly hit hard from behind by a car which caused my front tyre to come off. Incredible damage, like I've never seen in a sim' before, but it left me (presumably) needing to pit, quit or call for roadside assistance but with NO IDEA HOW TO DO THAT.

    At this point, I looked in the game folder for a manual as I really need to know about all the button controls, rules, flags and symbols but there aren't ANY documents.

    Googling informed me that this software began as a mod for R-Factor. I have never played that.
    Does anyone have a list of controls/any instructions for Game Stock Car - or should I be searching for an R-Factor manual ???

  2. When I started to learn GSC I asked the same questions in this forum and did not get an answer. Many GSC questions are already answered if you can just find them with the correct search string in the forum or in google.

    To start, like you mentioned, I just used the rFactor manual which is not great but better than nothing. I started going through every option in game trying to understand what it was changing and the it helped a little by reading all the comments comment lines in the controller files and user PLR file. Of course, google searching, the RD an rFactor forum comments takes some time and reading of stuff you might not care about. I still have alot of unanswered questions. I decided one can treat the learning process as part of the game/maze with the right attitude. Bookmark your findings as you go. You might want to see the info again in the future and not remember the search string.
    There are several links to this pdf that google will find.

    As to your specific questions.
    Nvidia: My works fine, you might check your Nvideia control panel settings. Run the program to fire up the control panel from All Programs. On my old HP I have PhysX enabled for increased game performance. Try email to Nvidia or online chat with them
    since they are very helpful. Or search their knowledge database.

    Wheel/pedal/shifter: I use T500 and no shifter at this point. I did find an example in for T500 in the controller file examples that was a place to start.
    Just do your best in the OPTIONS and set the items through the in game menu. You selection actions modify the controller.ini file in your user profile folder called UserData/yourProfileName. Once you get something close SAVE your controller.ini file under a new name each time you make a major change. I use a data stamp on it. This new file is saved in the folder with the other wheel/pedal/shifter examples UserData/Controller/
    You can load your controller file by name in the future if you add a new profile name or screw up the one you have. I like to create several user profiles. I use one name when I let AI drive my car since your best laps will get overwritten with a AI lap time. I like at least 2 other profiles for different settings of max wheel rotation (karts, V8, V12) If you use only one profile name and switch car from V8 to V12 cars then, like the AI issue lap time issue, your best lap time in V8 get overwritten with the better V12 times. Once these best times are set I dont know any way to reset them other than creating a new profile.

    UserData/Controller. You can look at and edit the controller.ini file but the button definitions have key codes so you can not easily edit the file to set the button you want but it at least shows you what you can change. You can compare these files and see differences. Like you, I started with something that was close and hacked away until every button worked. If I had your wheel I would send you my controller.ini file.
    Maybe someone else will attached there controller.ini file for you Fanatic wheel. Just ask for it.
    Also I found it was helpful to write down what GSC called the buttons or pedals as you press them on the OPTIONS CONTROLLER panel. Or use the FRAPS tool to screen capture all the button names.
    These controller button names often match your wheel/pedal/shifter documentation like the B8 you discovered.

    Oh, yes. When your car is damaged and can not move, I just hit ESC and start over from the pits. And I watch the replay in slow motion which is often interesting.

    Bye the way, make a backup copy of your entire install folder (GSC2013) for future reference since you might start changing settings and want to know what the defaults were. I make archive copies of the install folder on a regular basis. And I keep a folder with a copy of the key changes I have made since then you run GSCsync to get the latest updates any of the files in master install will get reset. (except for your UserData files which will not get changed).

    Next, you might read the comments in the PLR file and ask questions based on the comments in the file. Some interesting changes are listed in the links before.
    PLR file edit suggestions

    Use Google as your index to "the distributed internet manual"
    Examples follow. Maybe these links will help. Like I said, its a maze, but the results are alot of fun once its working like you have customized it.







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  3. Nox

    Staff Member Premium Member

    To get an idea of race procedure, it might be a good idea to watch a real race. F1 is in Bahrain this weekend, which might be a good starting point for the real life aspects, such as the pit speed rule, flag rules in action, etc. V8 Supercars are on as well if you prefer that sort of thing.

    Rick is right that most of these things you can find answers to on google. e.g. http://www.racemath.info/drivers/drivers_safety_aflags.htm

    Rick has also started several threads in the forum with some questions and we have helped where we can - @rickmalm we are all volunteers here, we don't always have time to answer long posts, so apologies if you didn't get all the answers you wanted but I know a few people did try and help you out here and there where they could :thumbsup:
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  4. I understand you and the staff have a large queue. I am very thankful to all the answers that you guys and other players have posted.
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  5. Wow Rickmalm !!! I have been away from my computer for several hours and have just returned to find your really, really helpful, welcoming and encouraging post. I wanted to thank you IMMEDIATELY for taking the trouble to provide such an extensive list of links which I will begin to investigate as soon as I have posted this acknowledgement.

    I wanted to thank you RIGHT away 'cause I imagine all the resources you have pointed out are going to take me quite some time to read through and I didn't want to get so absorbed in the info' that I disappeared into the ether without expressing my gratitude.

    I'm not sure how important my Nvidia graphics card inaccessibility is. If the game is DX9 and an HD4000 can handle it (in my brief moments of play everything looked acceptable - although I was never on the road with more than two other vehicles so I don't suppose the system was under any strain) perhaps this is a non-issue and perhaps it wouldn't tax the on-board graphics of any entry-level laptop bought today.

    I hadn't considered that before. It might mean that I could install this on a non-gaming
    laptop that I could keep permanently set-up by my wheel. That would be really convenient.
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