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Building my own rig

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by David Woodmass, Dec 18, 2012.

  1. Just after a bit of help and I know how super helpful all you rd guys are lol

    I have tormented and tortured myself for quite a while over which rig to buy (my wallet does not open easily haha) After speaking to my dad about his new job I discovered he can get me all kinds of wood and hinges and pretty much all the materials I could imagine I would need to build my own. He can even get them cut to any measurements I need!!

    So heres where you guys come in :D

    Can anybody point me in the direction of a few plans/ideas for homemade rigs so i can basically pinch some ideas lol

  2. Just had a good scroll through and managed to find some pretty useful stuff but please feel free to put forward any good suggestions or ideas :thumbsup:
  3. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

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  4. cheers guys this is exactly what i need :thumbsup:

    just a quick question neils...what is the viewing angle like to your screen? looks slightly high from the pics..
  5. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    The in game view camera angle is calculated based on distance from eyes to screen, then with the screen height known you get a triangle with the angles. 28 degrees vertical I think. I mounted the monitors at a height so i stare straight into the middle.
  6. Nice 1 Neils:thumbsup:

    Got a few plans of my own just need to work out whether they are possible lol

    Will keep you guys updated of progress :D
  7. Look forward to hearing how you get on mate :)
  8. Cheers bud! Looking in to some sort of mechanism to switch between an F1 style race position to a more normal race car style position my Dad has some good ideas so far im starting to think hes more excited than me lol

    Can anyone recommend a good place to look for a seat?
  9. Great stuff...projects are brilliant fun ;)
    What sort of seat you after ? Assuming you want a bucket seat type thing just look on ebay mate, only because there's so many to look at and you can then filter the brands. certainly a good place to start anyway :)
  10. Yeah bucket seat is what im thinking! Ebay is literally melting my brain at the minute having to scroll through pages of screws, mounts and straps before I actually get to seats lol
  11. Hi guys,

    Not much of an update had to put this on wait because of surgery on my knee (football injury) but just started cutting wood to measurements today and keeping a photo log so i can put it up as a guide for others looking to do the same maybe.

    I have 1 question though...I currently play on console mainly due to most of my friends being on console however the screenshots people put up on here make me immensely jealous of the difference in graphics lol I have a friend selling his pc in perfect condition he is only selling cos hes building a new MONSTER pc and i know he would sell to me for a very good price.

    Could anyone tell me how good or bad this spec would be for f1 2012?

    Intel pentium dual core £2.8ghz
    3GB RAM
    G-FORCE GT610 Graphics card

    thats all i can remember him saying lol
  12. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole

    In order to tell you for sure, we would need more accurate information. The graphics card is not right and could be a number of things which would make a difference on how they perform.

    The CPU and RAM are the minimum you would want to have, and you would also want to plan on getting a wheel and pedals as well. The Logitech G27 new is around $250 US, but you should be able to search ebay or other sites and find used for less than that.
  13. Cheers Jim:thumbsup:
    Im ordering thrustmaster t500rs when next month:cool:lol

    I asked my mate yesterday and he said it wouldnt run it much better than console so not gonna bother with that 1.

    Need a pc expert to tell me exactly what i need to run it at maximum and cheapest place to get the parts haha I have set my heart on pc now so need to take the jump lol
  14. I recently built a pc with a limited budget, and it cost me roughly €650 if I'm correct:

    i7 2600k
    16gb ram
    gigabyte mainboard (doesn't matter much which)
    geforce gtx 660
    samsung 128gb ssd
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  15. Cheers mate. Thats roughly around the price range im looking at.