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Build v0.7 Pre-release thread

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa' started by Simon Roberts, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. So guys!
  2. But they promised.......
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  3. unfortunatly my wishes for 0.7 are exactly the same as the ones for 0.6:

    . AI driving skills optimization (needed even more now)
    . AI resources optimization - CPU (needed even more now)
    . AI weekend race (practice, qualify, race)
    . whatever car/track i will take
    . would be nice to see mechanical damage on clutch/gearbox/engine but i guess we will have to wait a while for that

    and will add this one:
    . improved colission system so that cars dont fly and jump all time
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  4. ML2166

    If quizzes are quizzical then what are tests?

    Don't like KFC....I wants Pizza!!!! :barefoot:
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  5. 1. Multiplayer
    2. Multiplayer
    3. Multiplayer
    4. Multiplayer
    5. Multiplayer
    6. Multiplayer
    7. Multiplayer
    8. Multiplayer
    9. Multiplayer
    10. Multiplayer
    Need I say more, the game is great it's just missing one thing.....
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  6. You probably wont get it.. not in this update.. that wont be right until the end ( near 1.0). they need to get the game polished before they can let it loose on the interwebz so they will have to work on that before multi player.

    I thought graham said the 0.7 thread was supposed to ham burger related? :laugh:

    Personally im expecting.. Flying jetsons cars, a leather bound full service history of each car and a Wimpy burger(tm) stand just off to the side of the pits ( SEE thats how you make it burger related lol )

    In all seriousness. i think it will be mainly tweaks to the game, i doubt we will get anything BIG, we might get a car or a track as a " sorry we didnt give you any in the last update" but i think they will mainly concentrate on making the AI work properly for ALL cars ( they new additions are not all working properly) and at a real push they might finally add the qualifying sessions, so we can make use of the race weekend feature ( actually you already can, but as qualifying doesnt work yet, all AI cars just sit there, they do not take part) but it is possible to activate race weekend and start a session ( and i know how to make Race weekend special events already)

    So yeah further improvements to car AI, general game engine tweaks and things like that, i really think they will hang on to most of the cars and tracks until something like 0.9 which will be after the other stuff is fixed
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  7. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Personally for 0.7 I think we'll get one, maybe two cars. From then on I think it will mainly be bug fixes, physics and sound upgrades and tweaks, and AI improvements. Even though 0.6 was only 55mb, there was a huge amount of code written for it. Big ups to Kunos for that!

    Other than that I'm really not expecting huge content releases until v1.0, which is when we can really get stuck in! :)

    I think we'll get either the 458 GT2, or the 12C GT3 in v0.7 :)

    But that's still two whole weeks away... I wish I had a time machine.
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  8. They should enable guns so i can shoot AI before they attack
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  9. gt2 458
    Nurburg gp (are we getting this track?)
    AI optimization
    Game optimization in general
    Happy Camper! :)
  10. nurburg nordschleife will be part of the dream pack DLC (or whatever its called) so i doubt we will get another nurburg before that.. We had to take a vote on which track we would have in the dlc, So i really dont see them doing a nurburg, if we had to take a vote to get nurburg nordschleife. But you never know..
  11. Could have sworn i saw a nurburg gp video of AC a while back.
  12. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    Yeah you're correct, were apparently getting the GP circuit in v1.0. But the Nordschielfe isn't scheduled for release until September.
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  13. Ok. Cool. Love that track! :)
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  14. Still pulling for the T125 :cool:
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  15. Leemstradamus

    Mid pack attack!

    I'm for more optimization, and bug fixes to be quite honest, hopefully qualifying can get put in by then. The content that we have now is still to much for me to come to terms with so I'm not in any rush for more but I'll take it if their giving it lol.

    I really can't wait to get multiplayer going. I was doing a quick AI race before work with the lotus stealth (can't think of the name now) and it was the best racing experience I've ever had. The AI promptly took me out but man the feel of the car on Mugello and doing the manual shifts was nirvana! Can't wait to feel that in the club races with other humans!
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  16. I want :
    - Alcohol simulation (blurring screen, delayed steering reaction etc, if problems with naming this feature in certain parts of the world, consider naming it "Female driving")
    - Parrallel parking special events with Steam achievements (for naming, see above)
    - Ultra realistic mode, where deers/rabbits/rhinos etc. suddenly runs on track in front of you
    - Ability to bribe the race-director (also available in multiplayer)
    - New vehicles and tracks (like mopeds, vacuumcleaners, shopping carts, and maybe some laserscanned walmarts)
    - KFC simulation, when your steering wheel becomes increasingly more slippery
    - A GPS unit in all cars/vehicles with moddable voicepacks

    The above list is only my demands for 0.7 and I believe they are obliged to deliver, because they have a contract, and if they don't I will sue them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  17. I wish for a "stop looking at that woman's arse" simulation in car, or should I say my wife.
  18. Yeah, like this :

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  19. Can we have a list of persona non grata on the front door of this thread, identifying members who will go apesh1t at the first sniff of provocation? And a big massive Geordie bouncer to send them packing too? That might be a good start to this thread :D

    As for the next update, I'd love the MP4 GT3. I think all the other things I'm after will probably have to wait til after 1.0 is out...
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  20. Mapu

    Premium Member

    Wait a second, I am going to call Bernie before he goes to prison :p
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