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Build news

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Scott Malcolm, Jan 30, 2012.

  1. just in case you haven't seen it......

    Build news from Tony Gardner, iRacing.com President: New Tire Model on Star Mazda, Radical, DP & Williams. 18 total cars will have NTM. All 18 now will produce tire smoke! Drafting aero enhanced which will give much improved super speedway pack racing! Many cars now will feature a model of brake temperature. You will see brake rotor glow. Many more items as well, build notes will be posted as soon as they are completed.

  2. better like this:

    Tony G here-couple build notes: NTM on Star Mazda, Radical, DP & Williams 18 total cars will have NTM. All 18 now will produce tire smoke

    More build info - almost all cars now will feature a model of brake temperature. Will see brake glow. Lot of other good stuff!

    NTM should feel better than ever and be more predictable. Improvements to tire carcass & damping forces.

    this is at least how I read this :D
  3. Nice that the NTM actually made in this build for the SM and RDP, which seemed unlikely from posts last week, plus its also made it on to the Radical and FW31.

    18 cars down, the rest to go, lol.
  4. Oh canĀ“t wait for the Williams!! :) Should be sick!!

    Seems like they fixed the floating feeling on the C6R now then.
  5. SR8 took a little bit to get used to. Really loose on cold tires, CANNOT drift it like people used to if you want to survive the race (rears will get way hot and slippery). In the end I actually like it.
  6. If you struggle with the SR8, turn the wing up to 26. If you want to run the wing lower you'll have to change the balance with the ARB's.

    New build is great, pretty much everything feels better and the brake glow is a great touch.
  7. It seems that there is trouble over at iRacing forums........

    Quite a few in the community are heaping hefty praise on the new revised NTM, lol. Surely this cannot be right.

    It seems the Ford GT has been reborn. Mr.K seems to be getting there.
  8. Loving what they've done with the Skip.....managed 2nd in the 2nd top split last night.....best result in the car :)