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Build 240 is out!

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Von Butters, Jun 28, 2013.

  1. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Basically, as the title reads, the new build is out, and Silverstone is to follow overnight sometime.
    Just thought I'd give a little heads up!
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  2. LINK

    ================================================== ===
    Update 16 (Build 240) Changelog (June 27, 2013):
    ================================================== ===

    Doubled the number of upgrades a vehicle can possibly have.
    Added some dynamic adjustments to weather-based road params

    Fixed lagging road reflections.
    Set HDR on by default

    UI / HUD / Options:
    Computed rake in spinner so that both front and rear tires would be on ground.
    Added progress bar to component download page

    Fixed RFM spinner in mod mode exe to work correctly even without and “All Tracks & Cars” mod button.

    Fixed auto-detection of controller on first startup (i.e. no player file exists).
    Made parking box work when swapping drivers.
    Added track signature variable to playerfile so that 2 different versions of a track can be selected and displayed.
    Fixed launcher verify issue that was related to data.path being placed in the update.
    Fixed one issue that could accidentally change the vehicle setup during a driver swap.
    Removed some DX API calls which were interfering with desktop color calibrations – these should now work in full screen mode.
    Quick fix for new lag problems when someone leaves a race.

    Fixed an AI slowdown bug that could prevent pace car from entering the track when called upon.
    Fixed half second throttle lift when car detects a tire bounced off road (usually from a rumble strip) but otherwise no grip issue.
    Fixed directory issues when using playerfile variable ‘Autocalibrate AI Mode=”1″‘, so that the AI can calibrate and use that knowledge in future races. (this is not a magic bullet to improve AI racing lines, but a simple algorithm that sometimes works to improve the line an AI will take.) Calibration files are located in the data directory UserData\player\Settings\*component name*\*veh_file_name*\ for the standard single/multiplayer game and in the proper GameData\Vehicles\… directory in Mod mode.
    Roughly halved the cornering radius that can (among other things) trigger throttle lifts when sliding out.

    Made replay monitor’s lap and sector info a little more useful when viewing in realtime (or near realtime)
    Change to max # of upgrades changed the replay format, but in this case it was easy to make the replay code be backwards-compatible.
  3. Yeah, playable demo... :thumbsdown:
  4. Did not understand why thumbs down!? :unsure:

  5. Maybe it's because he can't actually play it.

    Anyway, just in time for the weeeeeekeeeeend baby!
  6. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Silverstone baby, yeah!

    Its out!
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  7. Yeah, can't wait to try it..after work :(
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  8. We gonna fiddle a bit with it and F1 cars online tonight mate? :D
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  9. Oh, is that thumbs down.. .i can't see crap, i thought it was the up one..

    Everything works, got my wheel setup somewhat satisfactory, like the feel of it. Brakes are a bit weird, have sensititivity 0 and they still lock up without warning, can barely touch them in corners (AI has unrealistic brake distances, it seems that they are perfect brakers at 95% or their brake lights light up later than what is actually happening.. or i'm just utter crap....) Have to check spiking but any tips of how things are different between rF1/Race and rF2, in that department.
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  10. Does anyone have a good, stable (lol, stable Corvette, that's an oxymoron) setup for Corvette? As i most likely will be using rF2 with open wheelers ( i hate heavy GTs) i don't like the choice of using one the hardest GTs as a demo vehicle.
  11. Seems a strange update IMO. Releasing an update and a playable demo but without optimizing anything else so it's still difficult to get it looking nice and running well at the same time :s
  12. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    I could be tempted to fiddle with you!

    Fiddle with the car, not you personally!
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  13. Marco Bijl

    Marco Bijl
    adMAXIhater (O.O.O.)

    There should be some change at least. I mean, why would this update be mandatory (for the first time since the initial build 49 that is!!) for the new track?
    Perhaps some new shaders are activated and used in Silverstone. Haven't got a clue. Havent looked at the update yet.
  14. The change log suggests a normal number of updates and bug fixes.
  15. AFAIK you can add any car you want to the demo.
  16. I think the demo contains a few cars/tracks which have a special version number, so those peeps can race with guys/girls who have the real game only in the cars/tracks version which came with the demo.
  17. Von Butters

    Von Butters

    Dewald Nel Im sorry bud, but getting to grips with the car might be out, windows reinstall is needed, so thats what im doing now.

    I dont know when itll be done, but if i get finished in time, ill come a fiddling
  18. AFAIK, you can't add any cars to the demo, it comes with locked mod manager at least. Of course i could be wrong, this is my first day :)
  19. Dewald Nel told me tonight at about 21:00 GMT+2 so you should be up and running by then :)
    Also going to join in the fiddling (with the car)
  20. Braking FFB is all but gone....