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Bug Report Thread (post-patch)

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by J-F Chardon, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon
    SimBin Studios Premium Member

    Hello everyone !

    It would be nice to regroup all currently unfixed issues with the Race series.
    Please use this thread to post / repost bugs findings with that game and its addons.

    Thank you in advance !
  2. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    No offense J-F Chardon, but are you affiliated with Simbin? I would imagine that they are pretty well documented on what still needs to be fixed. If they aren't, they need to get better tracking software for their business.
  3. J-F Chardon

    J-F Chardon
    SimBin Studios Premium Member

    Thanks for your input, Jim Cole. Just trying to see what's most requested to see fixed, that's all.

    And if there's any issue with the upcoming patch, it's a nice place to report it ;-)
  4. Hi
    For now I only see this error,RDTCC S6 - track:Laguna Seca , car:Seat Toledo Cupra
  5. Real time chat also not work for me
  6. Same problem here.
  7. Yip, in car chat no longer works. Can view the chat from people in pits tho.
  8. For some reason, since the patch, whenever I'm playing RACE 07, my volume slider in the taskbar mutes itself as if someone is dragging it down. I have not experienced this with any of my other games...

    EDIT: Disregard, this has just happened with iRacing too. I think my volume key on my keyboard may be sticky...
  9. Yup same problem here. 5 worthless fixes and they break something important like that.. frustrating.
  10. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    guess they figure you don't need to text and drive at the same time? :)
  11. No game of simbin will start after the update :(

    Not through steam or through the desktop shortcut.

    Fixed! Post 23 By Jim Cole
  12. I can't use chat while in-car, no matter what my hot key is.

    Also, my dedicated server won't work, even after re-installing it. Mini-dumps immedietly.

    *EDIT* Dedicated now working, conflicting mod crashing it.
  13. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    Not sure about your dedicated server Ethan, but they disabled chat in car for some reason. That is a feature, not a bug. :)
  14. No problems with my dedicated server (just for reference)
  15. No problems with my dedicated server I tried it last night
  16. And what a sucky feature it is.. As a "driving admin" this really is annoying.. I have to go the garage everytime someone asks anything, also think about some situations in game... This is bad..
  17. Jim Cole

    Jim Cole
    Premium Member

    I would imagine that a lot of folks were asking for this in game so they would not have to deal with people trying to chat and drive at the same time causing issues for other drivers. For us on servers that are normally sane and safe, I don't think we had too much trouble, but imagine what the normal servers would have to be like heheh.
  18. You were always able to turn off in-game chat under the 'quickchat presets' option while connected to a server, it's a bug, a very annoying one.
  19. Bram

    Administrator Staff Member Premium Member

    STCC Volvo C30 and the STCC BMW E90 (six speed) still need to be fixed (wrong weights).
  20. What has been updated with the game going from to