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Bug: Pit Exit in Melbourne

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Gav Elias, Oct 26, 2011.

  1. I just managed to recreate this lap after lap, with different cars too.

    I used a Driving Force GT and have all assists off apart from Pit Aid. I just realised that in Melbourne (and maybe other tracks? - not tested yet), when you exit the pit, I assume because Pit Aid is on it controls the gears/acceleration on exit for you. However, it builds you up to a speed where it is impossible to take the first corner without a huge lockup/skidding off.

    I was using Jenson Button in Grand Prix mode when I realised this. I even took foot off accelerator pedal on exit holding brake all the way down anticipating the corner, but it inevitably resulted in a lockup and skid.

    Anyone else come across this one/able to recreate it?
  2. I have the PC version and the Pit assistance brake to 2nd gear just before the curve then leave me the control of the car and let me take it properly.
  3. Mine's on PC too. Will leave it til tomorrow and try again. Too late now. Nearly 1am in UK so bed time. Will post back tomorrow.
  4. I've got it on PC and it gives me control immediately past the pit lane lights, so this is all very odd.
  5. I actually had that happen at Montreal. Don't recall Melbourne. Anyway, just turn the damn thing off. It's already autopilot in the pits anyway.
  6. It's because your tyres and brakes are cold when you exit the pits after a pit stop, check your OSD, the tyres and brakes are blue. If you brake heavily into your first 3-4 corners your brakes will heat up, by the end of your first lap out of the pits your tyres should follow suit.
  7. Yes it's all about cold tires and brakes. Also it's not big deal if you disable the pit aid. In this game there is nothnig to do in the pit. Even the braking is automatic. And on the exit you will have the car in hands.
  8. Just had a check and it works fine for me. If you hold your brake all the way down of course you're going to skid. Brake like it was a corner and you'll take it fine. Or just switch pit assist off. No real reason to have it on.... especially for tracks with very easy pit exits.

    That's because you have pit assist off.
  9. Oh. now I feel a bit silly for posting that :redface:
  10. i always leave pit assist off, i want the FFB to kick in asap