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Cars BTCC Mod (4 Cars) [Deleted]

Discussion in 'Assetto Corsa Mods' started by Fordman, Jul 20, 2016.

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  1. Fordman submitted a new resource:

    BTCC Mod (4 Cars) - BTCC Mod for Assetto Corsa

    Read more about this resource...
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  2. double post
  3. awesome mod congrats Fordman and the team !
  4. Just in case people wondered how close I got...I think this video would explain everything.You would never get this close on race day LOL

    I will say this, there is not better than on the pit wall and almost loosing your shades off your head due to the speed of the cars..I was deaf and it was breath taking....

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  5. Well Done to everyone !! :thumbsup:
  6. Wow what a job! Thank you so much for this big surprise!
    Will test it asap. :)
  7. Just wondering because this wasn't stated in the readme: Are the car models taken from Grid (Ford, BMW), Marcas (Toyota) and rFactor2 (Honda)? Of course the Honda could be from Grid too :O_o:
    Or did your team made them from scratch? That would be really cool! :cool:
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  8. For anyone having the same oversteer issues with the default setup I experienced - on the Focus, here's what got the car to a nice neutral handling stance:
    Coast differential to 100% lockup
    front springs to about 85% hard on slider
    rear springs to about 15%
    front ARB to about 85%
    rear ARB to about 5%
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  9. Hi Sven,
    All four cars, made from scratch with all the physics and sounds, camera's etc etc made in less than 6months, I wish we was only that talented.:D

    It is in the original text, "Original RF2 Mod:" but like I also said, we had to make 3dmodel changes, re-write the whole physics, create the sounds, camera's etc etc, so hopefully this won't dampen your opinion to much, oh and it's free:thumbsup:


  10. WOW fantastic DevonK, that's brill. I will be about later, we if could chat some more?


  11. Thanks a ton for this, really enjoying the cars! Interiors look great also. One thing a few of us have found, the front wheel drive cars seem to be a little tail happy, snap oversteer. Especially the Ford and Toyota.

    Thanks again for a great mod!
  12. Hi Brian,

    Read what DevonK put, futher up, it might help and thanks for you kind words
  13. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer
    Premium Member

    Got it tried it and came across a problem, I have a Fanatec CSW V2 and the moment the wheel is in the dead straight position the FFB goes mad and the wheel almost shakes my rig apart.

    I only have to touch the wheel over to the right or left and all is ok. Tried it on all cars and it's the same across the board. I was able to race after more or less turning off the FFB on the wheel but I then missed the effects which is a big part of the enjoyment for me.

    I did try some official Kunos content and the wheel was fine so I am learning towards a setting within this mod that may need looking at to help with this issue.


  14. Hi Jason
    Try this. If you go in to setup, and Turn down the Steering Assist. It is currently set to 80%


  15. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer
    Premium Member

    Ok I will have a play with that later today and get back to you with the results.


  16. Hi Foreman and team, great mod out of blue. Tried two cars so far, the BMW, and the Ford. only a couple of laps each. The BMW is very stable and a nice drive, the Ford on the other hand suffers from lift off oversteer and the I think the roll cage (could be Wrong) being in front of the glass from certain viewing angles. All in all I am delighted that you have brought this mod to AC, Just what was needed due to the lack of modern touring cars from either kunos or fellow modders. Tks
  17. I'm really not criticizing the work you've done, all the efforts you've investigated or your free time you've donated or anything else. I'm sharing this hobby and name myself "digital scale modeler".
    The main point is that each 3D models was taken from a third party without permission. This is no finger pointing, I just prefer a clear naming of the source to make better decisions myself (freely adapted from Shakespeare "download or not download is the question"). Of course everyone else is able to make his own decision if sources and resources are known (maybe a better decision!? but I don't want to grade this).

    However, I'm astonished how things changed; There was a time when everyone was annoyed when so many illegal mods were released for rFactor and nowadays Assetto Corsa has taken over this role but no one seems interested (OK, except Kunos themselves :roflmao:). But that's a different story :whistling:

    I'm sorry for OT and will leave this thread alone now :cool:
  18. but the traction of 4 cars ...

    front-wheel drive???
    rear-wheel Drive?????

    or 4 -wheel drive ??????
  19. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer
    Premium Member

    Mate i had to go in the opposite direction and set the steering assist to 100% to get rid the shake at dead center.

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