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Tracks BTBFin - Kanniranni gravel rally stage 0.98

kanniranni, jari-pekka rally 2014, btbfin

  1. TTM75


    TTM75 submitted a new resource:

    BTBFin - Kanniranni gravel rally stage - kanniranni, jari-pekka rally 2014, btbfin

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  2. Say, weird problem that I don't understand, but...
    During the first meters of the track (until I pass the starting line), the car is very slow.
    It feels quite sluggish... And then it drives normally as soon as I pass the starting line.
    I know about the speed limiter before the starting line, of course, but, this time it's different.
    I never experienced this... I wonder if it's related to the track... the 1.5 update... or something else?
    I tried with the Lancia Fulvia or Kunos cars, it was the same...:unsure:
  3. TTM75


    I made it in purpose. In real life rally cars start at 30 seconds intervals and they drive slowly to near starting line until they stop etc. I tryed to simulate this with slowdown, so you can't simply drive on full speed through starting line..
  4. Oh ok I understand.
    (I just went to a hillclimb race a week ago so I know what you're talking about)
    It's nice to know that a track can be configured in a certain way that we can "simulate" some rally rules. :)
    On the other hand, we could also just let the people drive slowly themselves.
    But well, we can't expect everybody to know the rules. lol
  5. I have very limited knowledge of track modding, and I'm trying to have gravel sound when driving on this track, is this possible by modding just by myself? It would be very nice to have. Tekisit ison palveluksen jos sais vähän tuntumaa äänien kautta :thumbsup:
  6. Ilmeisesti ottaa äänen tosta dirt.wav, olisko mahdollista saada joku sekotus sitä + grass.wav, sais vähän matalaakin ääntä sekaan :)
  7. I really like this track more and more, and I was wondering something...
    Do you think it would be interesting to create a tarmac version, like the hillclimb "Krajiska Zmija"?
    I realize that it would be very difficult and also not realistic, but I guess I would like to try a non-rally car on this road. (I just tried with a Lotus 49 but it was impossibly difficult lol:roflmao:)