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Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Chris Mackenzie, Nov 1, 2009.

  1. Hey guys just purchased this amazing program to try and build some fantasy-like tracks for Gtr EVO/Race.....watching one of the "How To" vids and saw Brendan playing around with the new 3d window track cross-section editing....he then went on to show some simple wall editing, where he proceeded to add a wire-mesh catch-fence to the top of the wall....I would like to implement this in my first attempt at a track, but I cant seem to find it anywhere in the Xpacks (ones that come with the download) Am I missing something here, or are these included in another XPack somewhere......any help appreciated....

    Also having a slight issue with "Ghost" segments on the track - grey transparent poly's that float above the tracks surface....any ideas where/why and how these are created and are removed.

    Cheers for any help....and to piddy - well done with this application, I would never have approach track-building again without it....Last tracks i edited were in Ratbaggames Dirt track racing series!!! :doh2:

  2. select wall you want to added to then in the wall edit right click and selected cross sections.then pick the catchment fence wall.

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  3. Hey thanks for that......knew it mustve been soemthing simple that i was overlooking...:clap:

    Now get prepared for more questions.....:)

  4. i must warn you , i work in a police station, :)
    any questions that i can't answer, will be submit to the apporiate police department.and warrants maybe issued:lol
  5. uhhhh! Sorry Officer, I wasnt speeding........I was RACING! :glasses-cool: