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BTB wall glitch (help ?)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by hang, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Is there any fix for the cars glitching from rubbing the walls. seems when a car rubs a wall it apears in midle of the track even tho its on the wall . seems the last 3 tracks i did is doing it , all made with the latest bobs , have to have 2 or more cars in there and fallow some one as they rub the wall to see it. i've done like 30 tracks and just the last 3 with the newest bobs is doing it. ? need fix bad . thanks to any one that mite help.
  2. Got any screenies?
  3. the 1 st car is riding the wall it makes it flash from wall to out on the track as you see in pic 2 . he is against the wall in both pics but the glitch shoots out an wrecks any one who mite be off to the side.
    GRAB_008.JPG GRAB_009.JPG
  4. Does it happen randomly all along the wall or always at that same place? Maybe someone could look at the track in 3Dsimed, there's a bug in BTB that can put invisible objects on track. Shadow objects that are set to collide are not showing up in BTB and you can't manipulate them in anyway, only lasso and see if there is a red dot like in normal objects that are selected... Shadow objects are meant to be used as regular objects child but XPacker doesn't warn about them...
  5. on every wall in all the last 3 tracks i did . glitchs in and out as long as you are rubbing wall. checked the tracks that i made in earlier versions of bobs and they do not do it. I checked every thing in 3dsim no problems that i can see.
  6. using btb . it seems not to be the walls , we made new walls in 3dmax and tried that still doing same thing. has to be something else from bobs causing it.
  7. well we have a fix delete the bobs aiw file and make a new one with aiw editor cause the bobs one is what seems to be messing things up , strange but it fixed my glitchy walls and objects , hope they update bobs and fix this .
  8. Hm, corridors not set right? But that would only affect AI cars... They think that there is a wall and try to avoid it, allthou racingline should have the priority over corridors... Weird thing.. Racingline has priority over collision dtection, if a racingline goes thru objects, those objects won't be causing collisions with AI. Human driver doesn't get that luxury...
  9. we did every thing to find a fix and that was the only thing that fixed the glitching , even redone the aiw in bobs 3 times before changing to aiw edidtor.