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BTB Wall (Forest)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Mehlyfication, Feb 17, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone!

    Recently i bought BTB Pro and now i'm trying to add a "wall" to my track in form of the typical forest which appears in lots of tracks too. Long story short: I'm looking for this "wall" (made up of trees) which i can line up (i guess in form of an SObject) because it is only a 2D-Texture, which means that there are no gaps between each tree.

    In general this "wall" is used as a border of the track/map, and i thought it is already part of the available XPacks. But it seems that it is not?

    Here i added a picture of which SObject i am looking for:

    I hope you know what i'm searching for and can help me!
  2. If you get the xpack Great Britain (RBR) thats got what youre looking for,any trouble finding it let me know and I can give you a copy of mine
  3. Thank you very much! This is exactly what i was looking for!

    Just to keep you posted on what I'm currently working on:

  4. wow some track!!!!when you get youre track finished I'd love to see it