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BTB track scale problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Barbje_Keller, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. I discovered a strange problem with BTB scale. When I import KML track to the BTB, I see, that same distance is different than in my video and BTB. The same route at various times. Route is like stretched in length. Turn is too long, otherwise than in reality. My path is about 14 kilometers, the road width of 3 meters and it was in my project. I have carefully made according to map the track curves. However, I get the result that the driving machine is like too small in RBR. But its size is normaly in game, only road is to stretched in length. Track lenth in car dashboard is right, but when driving I feel that road is not right. What is the problem?
  2. With google earth, most of the pictures are taken at an angle, If you looking at a road on a hill, elevation changes will look like turns. This could be what your stretched in length issue is related to. Here is an example. Lets say this model is the real world, you can see looking straight down that it looks as it should , but when I go into 'satellite' view and look again, you see it now looks like a twisty road.

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  3. Not right, I take photos from airplane and it's have much more precision, then in google earth. And all turns is in right position, but way, between it, is to long... How repair it?
  4. I think - in general - kml's are not accurate. Elevations neither.
    Laser scanning - the solution if you can afford it ;) Just kidding!
    If you have good photo/video documentation I would rather use it to make corrections. Then, rbr is still the game, so there are also things that are not equal to real world.
  5. If you have access to the track/road, you can take a gps and record gps data.
  6. Yes, I try this, but more of GPS devices (mine too) is not have good height precision and writing speed... But problem is not right track configuration, but track length. I know that track length is 14 Km, in BTB it is 14 km, too. But feeling, when driving on, that going on 24 km (more or less)
  7. I import KML file and have right length + - 200 meter
  8. Maybe its just a matter of using your own judgement by manually trimming and adjusting it yourself.
  9. I had this problem and found the best solution was to also take a screen shot from Google Earth and then import that into BTB. Then I could move the nodes around slightly to try and correct segments that were a little off from the KML file.
  10. ...one way for me, to repair this, is change 14 km to 11 km and now it's luck like in original (more or less)
  11. Satellite images are often not exactly there, where they have to be. As you can see in your second image. Therefore you HAVE to make a compromise.

    For me best thing is doing a path in GE and then study some pictures/videos/personal-venue-visit (when available) regarding the heights.

    After all the track should be exact in a way, which should be acceptable.
    But you can't get it 100% perfect!
  12. As you can see, track is in correct position, like in map. Only find some problem in long straight places of the road, because it's looks too long, unlike the real road...

    SCRS002.jpg SCRS003.jpg
  13. The only way that really works: digitize a topographic base map (or get a file) made with total station (topographical survey).

    Don't know how it goes on Lithuania, but here there are those maps available by the government (for some cities) for free or at low costs.

    Once you get on of those, you may extract your path's accurate XYZ table using AutoCAD or 3Ds Max.

    Sorry, but Google Earth or GPS tracking are not enough to rebuild a decent track. First of them, because of non-ortographic photo and poor elevation data. Second one, mostly because the bad elevation data only.