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BTB track: large file sizes

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Alex Kyriak, Aug 7, 2009.

  1. When I export my track from BTB Pro to RFactor, it’s coming in rather large at 100mb for the entire folder it creates. It seems very big, and I also note that it doesn’t generate the same file types as other tracks I have seen which have fewer files and smaller files.

    Is there some sort of compression or optimisation I can do to the track files once exported from BTB? I have heard things about 3DSimEd being possibly involved in this process. Can anyone provide an introduction into this process?

    Thanks a lot!
  2. When a track is finished it's usual to compress all the gmt files into a yourtrackname.mas file, and all the textures into a yourtracknamemaps.mas file using the gMotor 2.0 MAS Utility from the rFactor website: http://www.rfactor.net/index.php?page=devcorner

    This will reduce the file size considerably. 3dSimEd also is able to do this.

    It's also worth clearing the track folder before exporting as often stray files will get left in there which will increase the overall size.

    The .mas files go in the main track directory along with sky.mas, this leaves only a few files in the sub-directory. The .scn file will also need editing to point to the .mas files.

  3. Thanks alot! Will give it a try.
  4. Hi

    I'm making a track but was left with 210MB.

    What should I compress files with gmotor2.0?

    Track example:

    TrackX subfolder containing TrackX and Sky.

    Sorry my language.

    I use google translate.

  5. Look at how some of the default ISI tracks are organised. Toban is a good example.
    Put all your gmt's into track-name.mas and all your textures into track-namemap.mas and put those mas files in the tracks root folder (where sky.mas is located).

    Don't forget to add the masfile entry into the .scn file.
  6. Understood. I looked in the folder and Toban this way:


    In the main folder:


    But the problem now is how do I convert to GMT?
  7. The gmt's are all in your track subfolder in rFactor.
  8. Still not.

    I created the files on it ".mas". But when she goes to the Loading screen locks the bar in the middle.:frown:
  9. You need to do 3 things.
    1, Put the files into mas archive and put the mas file into the tracks root folder.
    2, delete old loose files.
    3, add the massfile entry into the .scn file.

    Have you done all that?
  10. Resolved - Compression runway ".Mas"

    To reduce the size of the track made in the BTB has to do the following:

    1 - Jump in the subfolder of the runway, for example, Track / Track and select all files 3dsimed extension (. Gmt's) which are 3D objects, but should not be copied "Track.scn" which is also a file 3dsimed.

    2-Then open the gMotor2.0 and add all these files and save with the name "Track.mas" (have to write the extension).

    3-Copy this file, "Track.mas" to the game folder where the file "sky.mas"

    Now let the textures:

    4-copy all files .DDS., BMP and all .JPG except "Track_loading" to a folder and create a file .mas as I have done these before but with the name "Trackmaps.mas" then copy this file the subfolder.

    5-Track.scn open with Notepad and add the following lines below MASFile= sky.mas and MASFile=COMMONMAPS.MAS:

    MASFile = Track.mas
    MASFile = Trackmaps.mas

    There should be only those files in the subfolder below the rest should be deleted:

    * FENCE_WOOD03.tga_0.DDS "

    the main sky.mas and Track.mas

    Note: The. TGA should never be included in the compression. That was my mistake because he had hidden in a file. DDS.

    The "FENCE_WOOD03.tga_0.DDS" Rural package I guess. I left him out of the compression and it worked.

    Here the reduction in the size of the track came to 125Mb.

    Sorry my translate (google).