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BTB Stage pack problem

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Matt555, Oct 1, 2011.

  1. I downloaded a finland stage pack from rallyesin.fr
    That's working fine in the choose section in the RScenter,but not working in the test section in the right side in rscenter.
    I copied a file in the RXRSRBR folder.Shows up on the right side in rscenter,but when it's start loading,the green line is freezing.
    I don't know what might be wrong,any clue guys?
    Thank you everybody.
  2. If you downloaded a BTB stage pack, it's supposed to be loaded from the dropdown menus. Not really sure it would work if you put it in RXRSRBR.
  3. Yes..it's working from a choose section. But not in the test rxrsrbr side.
    Strange.....but thank you the reply.
  4. So,if i downloading a single btb stage it have to be work in the rxrsrbr in the test section.
    Only the stage packs not working there.. right??
  5. I would think so. I don't use stages outside of packs, so not sure.
  6. Thanks mate.....
  7. Hi Warren!
    RSRBR2011 my first mod in the rbr game,so i just try to explore one or two things.....lol
    Thanks the tutorial,will looking in to it.
  8. I cant get my RBR stage packs (Finland & Sweden) to work =( Where am i supposed to put the zip files? i tried in RXRSBR folder, but the green line freezes for me too. What am i doing wrong? (I dont get the countries from the dropdown thing)
  9. What zip files are you talking about? Stage packs downloaded from rallyesim are executable archives, they install themselves, you click on Next a few times.
  10. Yeah I did that, what folder did you install it to? I tried installing it to \Richard Burns\ folder, but that didnt work (I didnt get finland/sweden in the dropdown menu), so i thought I'd take the zip files that got extracted during the install, and try to put them in RXRSRBR folder, but that didn't work.
  11. I just realized i was on update 02, im updating to 3 atm, will update fully.
  12. Okay that was the problem, you need atleast Update 5 to make the BTB country packs work =)