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BTB & rFactor2

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marcobost, Nov 26, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,
    few days ago ISI has informed that all "old" tracks must be converted to rFactor2.
    They said after the release of rF2 a development pack will be available and they also said that the conversion will be quite easy following several steps...

    I think that we all owners of BTB shall be in troubles...

    I DO NOT WANT TO OPEN A DISCUSSION ABOUT THE BEHAVIOUR OF BRENDON, but at the same time I think the lack of informations about the future of BTB needs a solution.

    I have no idea how to contact Brendon (ops... I have no idea how to receive an answer by Brendon - this is the right sentence!), but BTB is a jewel that we cannot miss!

    BTB is the application that fulfills our free moments during the day and we must find the way to have several answers:
    - is BTB development really dead?
    - has BTB code been sold to?
    - can we expect at least a patch to fix rF2 export?
    - which other easy-to-use software can we manage? (no one, I know it)

    Let me say one last thing: I cannot believe that nobody in this community has a closed contact to Brendon, so NOW IS TIME TO LET US KNOW THE END OF ALL PAST AND CURRENT INFERENCES!
  2. Step outside the box, stop limiting yourself to just one thing.
    If you learn how to use other 3d software like Blender and learn to use it well, you could get a job building 3d models for someone. Then you will score a copy of 3dmax and you will be able to use the rf2 tools that ISI will supply. If you have the talent to do this stuff (and you do) the chances are you can go down this path.
  3. Since 3dSimed is often updated I'm hopeful that we will be able to use that to bridge the gap between BTB's output and an rf2 track.
  4. As I understand it RF2 will use the same ISI engine. Besides that BTB was created for RF1, RBR, Racer, so basicly nothing to do with RF2.
    marcobost: Where did you read that, source plz.

    Mianiak: if true/false I think I go then for Maya ;)
  5. Sub


    As R Soul points out, it might just be an easy conversion via 3DSimEd after a patch or two. I'd say it's worth waiting to see what the possibilities are and what the exact situation is before assuming too much. There's already an inordinate amount of time that people spend waving their arms in the air and having panic attacks over the BTB license system and/or the absence of Brendon. Adding "what about rF2" to that list in ALL CAPS with a bunch of negative crap to spew about Brenden's "BEHAVIOUR" - seems exhausting and pointless. Let's get back to track building and see what the options are once rF2 is actually out.
  6. Sub: well said, don't cry before you get killed ;) Let's wait and see whats possible.
  7. Sub


    Here's this from Scott Juliano's post in the rF3 Progress forums"


    This sounds fairly hopeful to me.
  8. Jep, the staff replies :) Seen it before. If you don't mind I wait and see what shows up in final result.
    And after that we talk again with those guys ;)
    But whatever happenends, I think we have finally some rain. Don't need the moving stars btw, I'm nightblind, haha :D
    I've got the feeling RF2 will be released at coming Christmas, or somewhere next year ....
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    Kyle Puttifer
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