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BTB resizing issues ...

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by DDawg, Nov 13, 2012.

  1. Ok, I never really ever played with this feature ... So I wanted to expand the size of my track from 2231 meters, to 2413 meters (1.5 miles) ... the check boxes were all selected to re-size everything (including the Background image I was using).

    The end results was not what I had hoped for ... so the question is "does this feature work"?

    Because it really made a mess of my track ... thank goodness I keep redundant backups - (always required in BTB use)
  2. SObjects don't scale up but stays at their original locations.This will be a mess so you need to redo all of them.. You don't need a lot of change so you may be able to move some of them. Fastest way to move SObjects long distances is to copy and move that copy. Keep "C" pressed on the keyboard, click and drag on SObject. You get identical SObject and as long as you keep the mouse button pressed, it doesn't react to terrain/track shape, it keeps the original shape of the object and is superfast.

    Objects origo, (= pivot/anchor point, 0,0,0) will be relocated, their sizes won't change. That will mess some of the objects, all thou your change is not great so that shouldn't cause many problems.

    Walls scales the best but it's still quite impossible to change the overall size after you've started detailing the track.
  3. I could work with just a simple re-locating and Moving a few walls and /or Objects, but ...
    It messed up MESH ... and did not align my Background ... and it actually took like it distorted the track ...

    I don't know if I want to create this much work to increase my track size now ... I have way too much time invested to redo my terrain again to get it right. I wonder if it was a bug of the version of BTB I am using [7.0.5]

    I would have thought it would have been a simple adjustment as the size increase was so small. Like 8% ...
  4. I did this with my recent build a couple of times recently DDawg...
    Im using BTB Pro
    I didn't have anything at the time besides terrain Mesh, back ground image & the road....
    I dunno if it IS just a 'glitch with earlier version but if it does it again drop us a PM & I can always try it in mine for you & pass it back again after for your comparison/evaluation....
    Ive also noticed that BTB can sometimes re-size tracks slightly between savings (which is what happened to mine), do you think that this might be how you lost 200meters from your lap too?
  5. yeah, I suppose I could do that ... I would assume I would need to send you the "Saved Project" folder of the track ... zipped up as it is going to be a large file.

    I am curious ... it may force me to finally upgrade my BTB ... I wonder if I need to apply for a new license or just add in the new files?

    I need it to be 2413 meters ... It is 2231 now ... I don't know, I believe when I originally modeled the track, (to the scaled up back ground image), I may have been just off a few centimeters ... :unsure: enough to through the total length of by 200 meters total.

    It's a bummer, but I wont cry too much if it doesn't work ... were only off a 1/10 of a mile, plus a few yards ... It only really affects the "true Lap Times" and now, I am beating the record by 6 seconds ... that's too much.
  6. I don't know where the heck I can upload the zip file !!! its 316Mb ... most of that comes from my personal xpack files! then add in my friends ... and I can see them taking up 200Mb ...

    UPDATE ... I just resized it in SimEd ... successfully ...
  7. :D
    Q. What is the maximum allowed file size?
    A. 1040 MB ;)
    Ive used these guys a bit & never really came close to using it all....
    This it just the the signed-up freebie, they also have a premium service! lol
    If you PM me the link I'll send one back for the re-sized files ASAP & get you on your way again!
    Don't worry, I know what it's like with a stalled project...:sick:

    BTW, I dont think upgrading would effect your license but knowing how fickle BTB licenses can be at times it might be best to not chance it...:cautious:
  8. Was fooling around the other day & found that just holding the 'M' key allowed me to move the whole S/Object in one go.
    Found that & the 'C' for copying trick also works on walls created with Wall Tool too!
    Saved me a lot of stuffing around making a second grandstand ;-)
    This was with v0.8.0.3 so I can only guess thatv7.0.6 & Evo will do the same.... :-D