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BTB RBR Online PlugiIn??

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marque, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. so there have been a lot of talk latelly how to change formats of btb track so it could be run under chech online plugin....

    i think it would be nice to have btb rbr online plugin???

    of course i know its not all that easy, so could somebody explain to all of us what it would take to have a online rbr plugin for btb users?
    ...couse that seems to be a mistery...

    (aproximetlly time,costs and things like that?)
  2. All to cz plugin exported tracks are able to work with other online plugins too. It is rbr original file form. From BTB exported tracks (without modification at 3dsmax and wallaby) are not work without rx plugin.

  3. thats my sugession mybe there is some unbelievable dream of making online plugin for rx plugin....
    that was my original thought...

    i know that you can change rx format to rbr original but thats real pain as i have heard. so if there are so many btb users i think it would be more efficiant that we would have our own rx online plugin....

    i know thats harder to do then say but still any ideas ???
  4. there is no need to make a plugin. the rx plug is build on top of the sample plugin source which cames with patch 1.02 and which already can manage the timing info which is all it matters for online racing on the plugin side.
    (except some basic client to start a specific race and eventually do some cheat checking but thats also quite easy to make).

    the other side of things is having a server with an web service managing the timing info sent by plugin... now i have 0 experience with net coding, and i don't have the server, the time and the motivation to get into it(and i'm very sure this will not change in near future).

    there is another side to things though: RBROnline can easily adopt the rx plug,
    and if it didn't happened yet is simply because there are actually no tracks trully finished and ready for online racing, but anyway, if and when there will be tracks there is technically nothing to stop whoever is behind RBROnline(or any others) to support them.

    Piddy and i have nothing against it and we're willing to do all the changes required if somebody sorts out the web side of things.
  5. As far as my knowleage let me know, in RSRBR09 for example, the interface (plugin) can only work with native RBR format, all tracks were changed fwd+rew in 3 surface modes, but the track as always to be on native 3D format.
    The day BTB creates a final export in this format, i believe many people will start creating very professional stages for rally to implement on RSRBR, because it was programed inicialy to accept as many tracks and cars as wanted!
    At now the full install uses around 15Gb in hard-drive:wink2: