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BTB Ovals for rFactor?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Bram, May 26, 2009.

  1. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Hello creative minds :)

    For our oval series for rFactor I am looking at scratch build ovals (speedway or superspeedway type), but besides the three default ISI tracks there is really nothing on the market except for conversions, conversions, conversions, and some composites...

    Am I looking in the wrong direction and is there a widespread variety of great BTB ovals?

    Help needed :giggle:
  2. The only conversions I ever made for rFactor are from the tracks I made from scratch for NR2K3 ...

    I am sure there are scratch made ovals out there made from BTB.

    I have made a fig 8/oval ... but for dirt, and have 2 project ovals in the works, Altamont and Stockton 99, both scratch remakes of my orginals that I created for NR2K3 ...

    But those are low priorities to me as I find ovals not as challenging to make ...
  3. I've got an oval which I can finish and try and get out in the next few days. Still need to do work on AIW, and add some grandstands and such. If anyone else want to take it over and mess with it, I'll be happy to upload it.
  4. Now that Cravens Creek is done I think I will make a Oval Track next. What mod do you run on the ovals?
  5. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Cart Factor: Prologue & IndyCars 2008 :) Thanks guys, you rock!
  6. Im gonna take up the challenge of making an Oval.


    It's a short Speedway, with a bumpy apron and pits.
  7. There is one in the works from me...

    It's not a dedicated oval, but I shall include an oval layout in the package. I just like the idea of using part of an oval in a road course.

    Hopefully it will be finished soon.
  8. i making the scratch version of las vegas desert speedway,but i can't say when it will be completed,other projects on the go.althought i have made the conversion from scgt.i decided rfactor needed an more of a rfactor version then the old scgt isi/engine version. i may need a bit of help on the actual banking curves too.it there but i not sure on the actual degrees on the banks.

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  9. not sure about these numbers:

    I've read that the max banking is 20 degrees, so maybe split the difference to give the middle lane? (assuming its a 3 lane bank, I don't watch what they race on this track)

    edit.. hmm, can't find numbers that are solid for the minimum corner banking, but 12 was the old number, and the back straight may be 9 degrees now as well, so take that quote with salt.