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BTB goes beyond what you can think...

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by eno72, May 11, 2009.

  1. what about btb as a conversion tool?
    this is a "divertissement" I made for personal enjoyment :wink2: (took just a few hours)

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  2. did u save the track as a 3ds then place it as a object?
  3. so, I've been thinking, if its possible to export a btb track to 3dsmax and elevate it there with a elevation object? cause if so, I found a really handy script.
  4. exactly, nearly as easy as pie. I had to divide into around 20 3ds files to get them manageable by xpacker (only tyrewalls are missing). Then RBR physics were created in xpacker.
    The only wierd thing is that, driving on the track as an object, the tyres were partially "dipping" into the surface, so I superimposed a real track in btb, following width and camber, which is placed just above the "object track" and is not rendered.
    I also spent some time in reducing the initial flickering given by some signs.
    I know this is not creative, but it's real fun to drive an AWD car with RBR physics on a circuit born for rFactor!

  5. [​IMG]

  6. :rotfl: eh,eh, set transparencies, please!

    most important: I'm not encouraging brutal conversions, this is just a proof of concept!! we'd better use our time to make brand new tracks :wink2:
  7. ive done that into rfactor , didnt think beyond that tho , thats cool,
    i wonder if you could go backwards then and go rbr into rfactor that way
  8. Does it mean that we can "use" all rfactor track as objects if we want (+ create non rendered track above) and drive it with RBR cars and physics??
    Is it possible for example to add ,after the import of the object track, tyres or extra objects in order to make a super stage? :laugh2:
  9. actually Joux Plane was converted to rFactor (search in rfactorcentral) by someone, but I think it's another story (maybe import into max through black.f's script and then to rfactor)

    @ gegewrc: in principle it would be possible, provided you build some terrain (not rendered) to place extra objects.
    Generally speaking, the procedure might work only for small tracks, because object instancing cannot be exploited (for example, the cones are a single and big mesh) and neither LOD, for the same reasons. Don't even dare thinking of squeezing the Nordschleife in btb in this way :rotfl:
  10. Yes man .... I miss that :party2:

    But how did you know what textures and materials are transparent / alpha?

  11. Is this even legal? If not then i really wouldn't post it here on the official forums.
  12. Brendon Pywell

    Brendon Pywell
    Bob's Track Builder

    Converting this way will result in poor performance in game for anyting but small tracks.
  13. I stated it in my first post to make it immediately clear and to avoid misunderstandings: I made it for my own use.

    I did not release any track (we all know it wouldn't be acceptable without permission), this is just a technical discussion on limits and possibilities, if you want it to be.
  14. Great driving, by the way. ;)