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BTB:frame rate optimisation

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by rizmal, Dec 29, 2009.

  1. Hi guy here i am again,im sucssesfully solved fuel problem,but now im having problem with FPS,i optimized terain and reduced number of object on track as possible as i can ,but im geting only 60fps when driving fro cockpit and about 20-30 when im on full grid starting the race,is there any tip for optimizing this.

    PS- my coputer is not weak:AMD Phenom 9850 OC@3G/ATi4870/4gb ram so i turned that of as a problem with fps,otjer tracks works ~100fps
  2. HI.
    Nice system bud. What mod (car) are you using? It might be a FPS intensive mod?

    I did a test using my last track called "Barts". With a full grid of 22, I got mostly 60FPS, but I did notice some of my cams did lower the FPS to 41 for a second or two. So with my track, I have a feeling I could get a better FPS if I move those cams.
    Thats if it works that way. I mght be way off.
    I used the (FANTASTIC) RWD rallycross by madcowie for my test. You get great FPS with that mod.
  3. For a good system like yours, you shouldn't be experiencing framerates that low.

    1) Check LOD for the objects
    2) Make sure you have DDS files with enough levels for any objects you've created.
    3) Minimize resolutions of the textures (1024x1024 max) you've used.
    4) Optimize polygon usage (the further from the track, the larger the polygons can be and the less detail needed)
  4. IM doing track for GTLegends,and using lots of mods (cars) that i used on other tracks,and with all of them i get 60-rarely 80fps when im alone or with 1-2 cars around me,in TV camera mode i got 100-160fps,so problem is just when i drive from cocpit view

    1)How to check LODs??? whats their referent setting???
    2)for DDS ists all ok
    3)i use larger polygons for large distance and i concetrate my details to max ~30-40m from the track( basicly i just have filed ppolygons(inside of track) for gras cause my track is in big part flatend and i put trees to 30-40 m around the track but its seenable from another part cause of its flatnes maybe thats a problem