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BTB for Race 07 ?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Ron Leeflang, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Hi all, Is it possible ???
    Make tracks for race 07 injection ?
  2. BTB Evo exports for Race 07, but I think you need GTR or something to run the track first, as there's a file which Race 07 needs to run it, but you can only get it from GTR. Things might have changed though, but I'm pretty sure this is the case. :)
  3. @Drummer is correct, BTB Evo is almost identical to BTB Pro, but whilst BTB Pro can export to rFactor, RBR and Racer, BTB Evo can export to the SIMBIN titles GT Legends, GTR 2 or the Race 07 Series (Race 07, GTR Evolution, Race On, Race Injection, etc.). I own Pro, not Evo, but I do know that it is impossible to run the tracks you make in Race 07 unless you own one of the older games (GTL or GTR2). This is because these older games used to automatically generate the .HAT (Height Above Terrain, I think) file which all tracks need to run. However, Race 07 does not automatically generate .HAT files. The only way around this is to first export the track to GTL or GTR2, run the track at least once (to generate the .HAT file), find and copy the track's .HAT file and paste it into the folder for .HAT files in Race 07. Then, you can export the track to Race 07 and drive your track.

    If you don't own GTL or GTR2 already, you should by one of them because they're both games (at least GTL is, I don't own GTR2 but I know that plenty of people still play it), and as an added bonus (if you own rFactor), owning GTL allows you to use the excellent Historic GT and Touring Car mod, which is easily one of the best and most complete mods out there. Both GTL and GTR2, can be bought relatively cheaply. A digital copy of GTL can be purchased from RaceRoom.net here for 9.99€, and hardcopies of both games can be bought from eBay, although make sure that you buy from a trusted seller with lots of good reviews should you choose that path. From memory, this was the seller that I bought my copy of GTL from, though I'm not 100% certain as it was almost a year ago. Also, I don't think this applies to GTR2, but if you choose the GTL disk version and you own Windows Vista or 7, you will need to crack it because the license system doesn't work and won't allow you to play the game on Vista or 7. This is unfortunate as obviously no-one wants to support cracking, but this will be the only choice.

    I think that's about it :)

    Just realised I wrote a massive wall o' text :p


    EDIT: Doh! Forgot something: If you have a legitimate hardcopy of GTL, you can get the downloadable version for free if you prove to RaceRoom that your copy is legitimate. From memory, you needed to send them a photo with the disk, license key and a handwritten note stating the date and time, or something like that. Will try to find the link because this essentially gets you both copies as it's always nice to have a hardcopy as backup :)

    EDIT 2: Here's the link to that article: http://www.raceroom.net/specials/gt-legends-revival/
  4. BTB EVO has an automated HAT copy so no need to manually do anything. Just export to GTL/GTR2, load the track and take the car on track. The exit GTL/GTR2 and click a button in BTB export window. No need to actually drive but i've found that at least GTR2 doesn't always complete the HAT write with out taking the car on track. And you can do initial inspection in GTR2 at the same time. It does lengthen the export process a bit. Both GTL and GTR2 have a healthy following still and plenty of mods for them so you get three releases at once..
  5. Thx for the info,
    I.m gonna try it.
  6. stevem


    I have GTR2 and Race 07. My GTR2 is either not creating the HAT file, or I can't find it. When I try to export my track for Race 07 in BTB I get an error message that says, "track folder doesn't exist" when I click the "Copy HAT from GTR2".
  7. ebrich

    Premium Member

    Sounds more like BTB can't find your Race 07 folder. Try browsing to it again to refresh the path.

    As for the HAT file, you can always do that manually. In GTLegends the file is in GTL - Userdata - Log - Hat, and needs to be put in your Race07YourTrack folder along with the trk, gdb,aiw etc.