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BTB Evo setup problem - .NET problem

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by yamit465, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi

    I am trying to install Bob´s Track Builder for the very first time. I downloaded the BTB-Evo because I want to make tracks for GTLegends.

    Downloaded the latest version version.

    The setup, downloaded from original site: http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/
    gives a seemingly .NET problem. I downloaded the latest .NET 4.0 from microsoft.

    Still I keep getting this same message:

    Setup has detected that the publisher of file 'C:\DOCUME~1\Skuli\LOCALS~1\Temp\VSD14.tmp\dotnetfx\dotnetfx.exe' cannot be verified.

    ...and the. NET 4.0 refuses to work.

    I have DX9.0c and my PC in general should be fine. Windows-XPHome.

    The problem is simply that the BTB-program refuses to go through the install process.

    Has anyone seen similar/same problem here ??

  2. ...should add that I downloaded the 14 day demo.
  3. I believe BTB needs Net Framework 2.0 to be installed
  4. It does. It is *very* picky about the environment it's running in. Wrong version of DirectX 9.0c (aug. 2009 mine) and .NET (2.0 exactly I think) and it's likely to crash. Only worked for me with those and I dare not change anything about its install.
  5. Thanks guys. This should help a lot. I was starting to suspect it was very "picky" about the .NET version.

    Thanks again :)
  6. You were absolutely right (of course). I DWL-ed the .NET 2.0 version from microsoft.com and just went ahead and installed it over the .NET 4.0 I had already Installed. The .NET 2.0 download is around 30MB.

    I restarted the PC after the .NET 2.0 setup finished.
    After all this I ran the BTB-Evo [Demo] setup program from http://www.bobstrackbuilder.net/ ..now the setup ran correctly and the program is installed. I have not yet started it though, going to watch some tutorial videos first so I can miximize the demo timelimit, 14 days.

    Thanks again.
  7. Excellent!

    If you do buy the program, just remember to make your license run for a short time - 1 or 2 months - just in case you run into the 'license expired' problem detailed elsewhere. There's never been any problem with renewing your license once it's past it's expiry date as far as I know.

    Oh, and I think that maybe if you use the program a lot the trial period may run out before the 14 days are up. I have an idea there's a 'used time' limit as well, though it's quite high.
  8. Ok Mr. chub & Co.

    I have this idea for a road course in my country, I don´t think I have seen any road courses from my country for GTL. There are hardly any tracks here, maybe two rally small ones (around 1km) But we have some FUN mountain roads and many of them are good for pretty high speeds. The Max here though is 90km/h - period :( and the police is very active and always there when you need it the least ;)

    But one question; my favorite stretch is a 80km "circle", that is the one I want to make once I get to know the BTB program. I fear that 80km may be too big for BTB ?

    Ok time to move this to a new thread I think.