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BTB error: exporting failure?

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by TopSpeeder, Apr 27, 2014.

  1. I made a track, exported it to rFactor, and it shows up in the track selection, but during the loading I get an error, so it doesn't load up.
    I think the problem is my custom texture, which I put into BTB with the xpacker. Do you guys think I did something wrong with the xpacker?
  2. ebrich


    What's the size and file extension of the texture you put in? Size as in pixels.
  3. jpg, 1024px*1024px, do you think I should convert to dds?
  4. DDS or BMP, rfactor can't read jpg's.
  5. I converted them all to dds, now it loads until the orange bar reaches the end, but then rFactor freezes :\
  6. Hi TopSpeeder,

    i dont know how its done in rfactor, but if you could launch the game with the settings, that it creates a trace file, that could find the reason for the freezes. in the trace file, the game logs what it is doing, and also writes errors like texture, object or material errors in it. (at least thats what gtr2 and r07 are doing).

  7. ebrich


  8. ebrich


    Properties of the shortcut, add onto the target (space)-trace=1000