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BTB edit surrounding terrain and edit objects not work

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by jakedrake, May 31, 2013.

  1. hi,
    as written in the title edit keys surrounding terrain and edit objects do not work, does not give me error and I can not build anything, I have win 7 64, I uninstalled the program, reinstalled, but the problem remains, can anyone help?

    sorry for my bad english
  2. Can you post some screenshots, that could explain it better as images don't need translations ;(
  3. Wow, feels like ages since I used BTB last.

    I think I know what your talking about JakeDrake. In the TOP VIEW, make sure all the terrain around the track is highlighted RED. If it is not, use the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to circle the whole track so all the terrain is selected in the TOP VIEW. Now you can edit the terrain in 3D VIEW again.

    I also have a funny feeling you can achieve the same thing, by selecting/high lighting all the individual terrain pieces in the list in the terrain menu/window.

  4. I apologize if not explained well, the problem is that objects should be published as fig 1 with open window, rather than as fig.2 without window, even if the button "edit objects" is highlighted. I no longer have the window, same problem for the edit button for the surrounding terrain


  5. I can not create the ground, not even put objects
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  6. There are a lot of windows api bugs in just these kinds of applications (VB :) ), usually it's the minimized window without a chance to recover the window size or inactive buttons or empty window/misssing buttons. Devs are powerless, it's an MS bug, most programs have a method of resolving it by resetting window sizes one way or other.