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BTB Contest

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by Pangaea, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. Was thinking of organising a BTB contest. Contest could be split into various categories like "Game" (RBR / rfactor..etc) "Best track", "best graphics" ...etc etc etc. This contest could be held every year, by yearly or whatever (tho I suspect every year might be better as it will give time for people to develop, then folks to actually play it over a length of time)

    Anyway, just a thought, how do you folks feel about it?

    PS. perhaps there has been, or still is a btb contest im not aware of, in that case forget I mentioned it :)

  2. Sounds good to me :) Prizes?
  3. I'm in!
  4. cool
  5. I'm too
  6. Same here
  7. I'm too :) There is a special section on RD for contests - maybe we can ask there?
  8. sure, well looks like some folks are interested in it, so ill come up with a little proposal and better details on how it could be run..etc.. when thats done ill post here and we can all decide what the next best step is to get it promoted amongst btb developers
  9. Interested
  10. Me too
  11. [​IMG]

    Well I thought perhaps setting two dates, the first is the date that track builders should have their tracks published by, and the second date is the date that all the votes should be in.

    I guess there should be a significant time gap between these 2 dates since you want to give as many people the opertunity to play as many tracks as possible so they can vote.

    So this years lets say, all tracks that are being entered should be made by 1st of september. Then all votes should be in by 1st november. I guess a few days after all the votes are in the results could be announced.

    If anyone else has a better suddgestion fire away!

    Also I can think of some catagories, but if anyone dose like or thinks of another catagory it can be amended. But would be best to finalise the catagories as soon as possible so folks know what sort of tracks they want to build.

    Anyway heres a few i thought of

    Best over all track - (best in show :p )
    Best new comer - (lets sets this from January of this year).. and every January hence forth
    Best track for game category - (this will be split into sub sections with each game game listed)
    Best looking track
    Best track in terms of route/playability
    Best Real track / stage conversion
    Best Fictional track / stage
    Best Collaboration track (this can be a special category for team builders)

    each category could also have a 2nd place "runner up" result

    I guess there should be some basic rules, simple things like only one entry per-person (or group) for each category. again I cant think of much right now so if ppl want to give me some suggestions it would be great.

    Well there ya go,

    regards pan

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  12. How about longer time? Contest ends 1.10.11 and the voting time continues to 1.12.11? And between this time it is okay to update your creation pacenote/object failures/improvments etc.? :) Since You are planning to make this a yearly thing, would it be better to give it a biggest possible time frame? But on Christmas there is so many other things, that it would be called the Holidays. :)