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btb 08 and AIW

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by ALVAZ, Sep 1, 2009.

  1. Hi, are you full satisfated with the new feature of creating AIW file?

    I m waiting for your answers-.

  2. Put it simple, It is a very great addition for Rfactor and SimBin games. Plus now, the program looks very complete by supporting all features for rFactor.

    But I would prefer, next, to see BTB more oriented on itself instead of supporting rFactor features...

    ...such as the following:

    - road merging
    - road vertex editing
    - export to *.3ds *.max / better index of filenames when exporting
    - more terrain panels
    - road blending

    This could be enjoyd by all BTB users rather than just users who use rFactor.
  3. I think that, texture maping on terrain, like in 3DmaX (all background textures on one file. Like in orginal RBR file) will be great...
  4. ok, althought you comment something else, about new version, I d like you to answer the main question, about creating the AIW.

    thank you
  5. I have a big problem with AIW. You can see in another post that my track hang on Rfactor.

    Is the Aiw say those who know a little more. Im working on this
  6. Yes 100% Happy.
  7. great feature the BTB way to edit the AIW file! 100 times better than the old way to edit it, but (as I said in the past), a better control about the # of nodes used to create the "centerline" would be greatly appreciated.
    Currently (closed corners or not) the position of the centerline is only a draft of the regular one and to modify it, adding nodes and centering the line, vanify the feature.

    Second thing (but maybe my fault...): The max # of "cars per team" is "2", where rFactor ussualy works with 3.

    Third thing (yet discussed but I do not agree): "End (RBR only)" now always on... I know that it does not affect the rFactor timing gates, but to "graphically" delete it (as previous versions!!!) is better.
  8. Erwin Greven

    Erwin Greven

    I am very pleased with the AIW feature in BTB. Not easy to get the good racing lines though... lol.

  9. Im agree
  10. No time to go into great deal as 2 year old wants feeding.


    Having selected the relevant open tracks from the append menu and continue to highlight and then delete the nodes that over stretch (too long) each end of a section of track to form a continual "Centerline" "Fastline" et al.

    On occasions - I have had several crashes to "unhandled exception window when the delete process involves me having to delete more than 10+ nodes.

    This happened once setting up "Centreline" and 5 times during "Fastline"

    I am only using default (BTB) grass and road material.

    If need be I will try and zip up the track as per Piddy's instructions some time later this weekend.


    Sorry Alvaz, I have jumped in on this thread by mistake.
  11. hello ,when has explained in other post, on btb i'm still getting a jump from the finish. eg the ai cars are static when they reach the end (on the little line below left).and pause then rejump to sector 1,which is sort in the middle (on the little line below left).i checked aiw .all xsectors are in place.the lap counts okay,just the little pause at the end then the jump to the middle (on the line)


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  12. My Track AIW under is superb - well done piddy.

    One flaw in my AIW setup.

    AI - returning to the the start finish line (100m away) AI have to negotiate a hairpin left (leaving open end track - joining open end track (junction))

    instead of continuing on set out corridors / fastlane / centerline, as they should, AI gets lost in the same location every lap carrearing off road and travel approx, 20m up a banking until they discover the correct path again, this happens every lap.

    If I were to guess I would say I have a path going up into the 20m section and returning back to the track, although visually this doesn't look like the case.

    Hope this makes sense.
  13. me too martin. there seems to be an split from the start of aiw/ to the end of aiw on open tracks only.i done a few laps by myself and get an lap not count.in rfactor. if i use the ai for the player car the ai just pits in every lap.


    Edit i just checked and the center path/fast path can be separated/split/moved around so the ai lose control before it until they find the path again.and they doesn't seem to be a loop option to make the ai go back to waypoint 1.
  14. I to pieced together multiple open sections to form long straights/hill climb/and pits route.

    The AIW was simple to use and I really appreciate this inclusion into the BTB product. Without BTB AIW, I don’t think I would have ever got this track so close to completion.

    I have overlapped the last waypoint on top of the first waypoint believing the two would form a single closed section similar to the “Merge” feature. I can see how – if these two points don’t overlap or join in some way the AI could get lost, which is what appears to happen temporarily until the AI find the path again.


  15. I had this trouble as well, even with the end/ start waypoints directly over each other. The ai would swing right and do a 20- 30 meter circle smaing over terrain then drive around till they picked up the line again. I took the last node and moved it up to the second and created a new node at the first for a second last node....... Hope that makes sence. The ai are now happy, but I have that pause you describe and now I get yellow flaged crossing the finish line.......

    Has anyone tried the ISI RF ai editor yet wit 8.0.2, I was getting errors (valid pit info missing valid path or something) when trying to do final ai editing. (land rush start, garage paths etc)
    It's brought a few of my tracks to a halt....

    You guys are sounding like you can still append tracks after the main.... I cannot do this anymore, even if I make the new track active.........

    Thanks for any Ideas in advance!
  16. in the aiw editor the garages pits remain if you deleted the main path,then you can redo the main path. your probably loose the paddock path if you added/edited that on top of btbaiw.

    unsupported options/delete all paths.
  17. Well I just had a 'quick' go at one of the offending tracks. I deleted way points redid main.fast,left, pitlane, 3 land rush paths(generic path ) saved way points and same error.... I don't get it........
  18. Yes, 100% satisfied. If only I could drive the AI line as well as the AI :)