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Tracks Bryce Canyon 0.90

Conversion of KittX's Bryce Canyon for rF2 by SJ

  1. _SJTracks submitted a new resource:

    Bryce Canyon - Conversion of KittX's Bryce Canyon for rF2 by SJ

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  2. I miss rFactor 1...
    Why does rFactor 2 looks so bad and lifeless compared to rFactor 1? Sigh...
  3. C'mon, Lily... at least take the shots from the same location, eh?
  4. Jeff Huber

    Jeff Huber
    Premium Member

    Hey I just wanted to jump in here and say thanks to the guy who converted this on over to RF2. Probably one of my most favorite fantasy tracks I've ever driven. And to be able to run here with some of the great cars in RF2.....makes it a lot of fun. So thanks for taking the time to do this for us!
  5. I think alot of the dramaturgy in that rF1 shot comes from the sky texture, something that is not possible in rF2 due to the weather system. If you take a look at the car and the track I got to say that rF2 is leaps ahead, especialy in terms of the track and car shading. Next to that you have a different sun angle in the rF2 shot compared to the rF1 shot, so I am pretty sure with the same sun angle and some nice lightning conditions in during dusk or dawn and with some nice clouds you can get even better and more realistic looking results.

    Anyway, got to try the track. Looks like tons of fun ;)
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