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british super touring cars 1.6

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Mike Davidson, Sep 4, 2011.

  1. hi just wondered if anybody was planning on converting the british super touring mod 1.6 that is available for rfactor with the toyotas and mazdas
  2. would be nice to see them in game but I think here they would not be considered "legal"
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  3. there is a wtcc2011 mod on nogrib its good
  4. he didnt ask for a wtcc 2011 mod did he?!
  5. no its a btcc mod for rfactor from the 90s 93 to 2000 and has a lot of models that are not available for the simbin race series and i think it would be very welcome if it could be converted
  6. I think you are confused as AndreasFC made the original ALSuperTouringMod98 (with varoius updates)
    then Evo Monkey (with permission)
    coverted the Race07 mod to RFactor , then updated the RFactor mod with cars from F12002 and other various games/mods.
    we would like the missing cars ( the ones in RFactor but not yet in Race07 ) converted or reproduced to race07 to be
    compatible with AndreasFC ( ALSuperTouringMod 3.1v) version :)
  7. hit the nail on the head mate
  8. I need that EVOmonkey, some contact? or something?
  9. go to either F1Classic and search in the RFactor section,
    or sometimes on No-Grip and the mod is also on RFactor Central

  10. no he did not sma.... but there is no btcc mod for now, that wtcc2011 mod is the only one for now that i know off, thought he might try that out, but so sorry rob