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Brit Pack AI skillz

Discussion in 'Automobilista' started by shedz, Oct 24, 2016.

  1. shedz


    Any of you noticing you have to ramp the AI skill up to get a decent race with the new cars?

    I haven't done a load of testing but running the Caterhams at Oulton Fosters I had to put the AI at 120% and then I still qualified 3rd. Setting the AI to 100% had me nearly 2 seconds ahead of 2nd place every lap. This is with the 270R and the 360R.

    So then I had a go with the MCR2000 cars at a third party track, Magny Cours and at 100% AI I'm again nearly 2 seconds a lap faster.

    While typing this I thought I should check how the non DLC cars are on an original track, so just done a qualy session with the Stock V8's around Taruma. From some pre DLC session the AI was set to 97% so I upped that to 100%, did the qualy, and again qualified 1st.

    Before downloading the Brit pack I used to set the AI cars to somewhere in the 90% area, so I'm not some sort of alien racer, far from it.

    I don't use any assists apart from auto clutch as I always have. And I run a full qualifying session.

    So have I suddenly got mad skillz or have the AI got their racing shoes on the wrong feet since the latest update? :)
  2. fortyfivekev


    Certainly the AI being slow at Oulton has been reported on the Reiza forums by several people. I would guess that the guys will get to this sort of detail now that they have got the DLC out the door.
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  3. Kenny Paton

    Kenny Paton
    Staff Premium

    Memo to self, play some offline AMS before they fix this:D
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  4. ouvert


    yep .. needs some fine tuning .. normaly I`m fine with ~105-110% AI but in Britain I`m leaving AI behind on 120% .. well me and other guys reported that during beta and they are aware and worked/are working on it I guess .. lets wait a bit
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  5. tpw


    Each of the Brit tracks has a corner or two that the AI are pretty hesitant on. Druids at Oulton is the prime example, even a **** driver like me can gain 0.5 sec on the AI through there. But to be honest you can gain 0.5 on the AI through Druids in nearly any sim that features Oulton...
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  6. Kenny, they have reported the AI as just "slow", so don't get your hopes up mate.;):D
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  7. Yeah, same issues here with the new content & slow AI. Hoping they improve their speed on the next patch.
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  8. shedz


    Thanks for the responses chaps, it all makes sense to me now.
    As I suspected, I am not suddenly a racing god :(
  9. Hi all, as I wrote on another post here, these AI skills could be corrected editing the AIW file (WorstAdjust-MidAdjust-Best-Adjust parameters), but strangely on all 3 DLC tracks this file is disappeared............do you notice that ?
    I've asked Renato on Reiza Forum but without reply.

  10. Ryan Soucy

    Ryan Soucy

    Guys, everybody knows British racers are just slower than the rest of us... Right? :p
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