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Brendon's future

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by marcobost, Mar 15, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,
    last email I received from Brendon was dated Dec. 17th 2009 and was related to the beta testing of the version 0.9...
    I would know, sincerely, if anybody closed to Brendon has updated info about the future of BTB. I said sincerely and it means I'd like to know if he is still working on the new version, as well as if he has finalized his working future.
    First of all, I hope Brendon can have good chances for him and his family, because of this (BTB) is a game and life, the real one, is more important.
    For last, giving the right info to this community could be a good choice...
    And for the very last, I would share my feeling about version 0.9: the beta version was so revolutionary to open a new era in modelling tracks, several new features and concepts added... and we'll never can use it.
    If Brendon will read this post I' would thank him for BTB, asking for an answer.
    Excuse me for poor English.
  2. I think we deserve an explanation. There was many months of silence
  3. For what its worth,

    If BTB was all it is today, I would still be extremely grateful to Brendon.

    The past 3 or 4 years have been extremely rewarding. I would never have attempted to use the tools I have if it wasn't for BTB and the community.

    While I haven't built my first track (to completion) I have still found BTB to be a huge relief from the normal mundane stress of life.

    If Brendon feels life has caught him up and he's found more meaning to it elsewhere - good on him.

    One thing i'm sure of. BTB will always be Brendon's child. And no father can leave the child alone forever.

    I don't really care if Brendon doesn't programs anymore, I feel it more a loss that we cant here that he's doing ok.


  4. I agree with the above post, but it is nice to have info regarding the latest version, even if it's not good news. If someone's very close to finishing a track in version 0.8, they want to delay releasing it until 0.9 is out in case there's some new feature that would be useful. But it depends on when 0.9 is due.
  5. Totally agree. I hope 0.9 does arrive because it was quite a big step on from 0.8 but having bought 2 licenses I count it as money well spent even without another release.
  6. What stopped me from posting about this is that on Brendon's profile it says... Last activity : one week ago
    I wonder why he log-ins several times in the last months if he doesn't post any reply at all. .strange.

    If you read this thread Brendon, I think we deserve to know what's going on... :smile:
  7. Yes Brendon tell us whats going up,. If you need help, support or friends, we are here.
    We are indebted for your excellent work on BTB
  8. I sent him mails last fews weeks but no replies... I hope everything is fine with him. :confused:
  9. I hope Brendon is fine. Maybe he got pissed to us. Or had a burnout answering to stupid questions and demands made by us.. Maybe. As an outsider it seems that brendon has too much to do alone. he should have team. secretary , assistant , producer, and informer.. Or somebody who could be all that and brendon could focus on programming. Financial thing is one problem. I wish there could be some big instance like game company that would associate with btb and finance the program to be part of their games... that could be one way for game companies to make their games more wanted.( as btb is the most advanced track building system available and still user friendly.) Or maybe we just have to find some a way to make the working with btb beneficial for brendon... Anyone rich here... Donate a lot to Brendon!! Its worth every penny ;)
  10. I think it's more the same thing like with "Live for Speed". LFS is a racing simulator which is developed by only 3 developers. (for all who don't know this great sim). They started with LFS as theire hobby. It was like "We like to build a racing simulator as we wanted it to be and share it with you".
    But then the Game and the Community grew and grew and grew. And now its more "work" than "hobby". And I think anyone can imagine what this means. You have to do things which you maybe don't like or which aren't that important for you but the community want them. And of course it takes more time. And I don't knwo if one can live from selling BTB?

    For me it's the same with creating Media Stuff. I really like to make posters, images and photos. But just for my own and what how I want them to be.

    And that could be difficult for him. To get BTB better without proceeding the step from "hobby" to "work".

    But that's just speculation. I hope that he will answer our question one day and BTB can make a step ahead. :)
  11. Maybe selling btb to polyphone digital and gt5 ? they are saying that gran turismo is going to have a track editor.why would´t be a proper one then.Well maybe that´s not good idea.,, but rfactor 2 is going to be out also.. ISI could be one to finance btb couse I think btb these days are pretty big part of rfactor community...
  12. fxs


    no answer until now :(

    can u tell us about the features of 0.9 that we will never see released ? :D
  13. That's rather difficult to say because Brendon is invisible since a few weeks (months)... That's really very strange and I'm a bit worried. He doesn't answer the mails even regarding licence, he doesn't post on any forum. If someone can tell us he is alright, it will be nice.
  14. He was online on facebook for a few seconds. I wrote a short message but he was offline before i pressed enter.
    It would be really nice to get a statement from him.
    Brendon, please don´t leave us alone !!!
  15. Bram

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