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Breaking the 3 Controller Barrier

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by MeqTrader, Oct 7, 2014.

  1. So, I'm not sure where to put this but I thought I post it in the games forum of the game I cried about most which did not support more than 3 controllers but it is just as applicable to any other game which has this limitation. Here's my story:

    2 Months ago I finally gathered enough courage to buy myself some more sim racing gear, so I went online and ordered myself the DSD P1 and P2 together with a nice set of Heusinkveld engineering Sim Pedals Pro. Once everything had arrived I added it to my rig and started racing around in my sims (I have several). Once I got to GSC2013 I ran into a brik wall. My pedals were not recognised by the game. This is the point when I remembered I had read somewhere about a limitation in the original engine code. I fired up google thinking someone most likely has fixed this issue.....right ?
    So I learned about Xpadder and all the other options but none of them solved my issue. My issue is that apparently the Heusinkveld pedals had a USB ID which put them on the bottom of list

    1. T500
    2. T500 Shifter
    3. DSD P1
    4. DSD P2
    5. Simpedals

    Since I am running Windows 7 x64 there was no easy way of reordering my input devices like we were able to in Windows XP (insert Star Trek Kahn sound sample). So days I spend on google trying to find a solution but all I kept reading was about XPadder and some vague way about changing the USB ID of the device which I really did not feel comfortable enough about. So I though, ok, this means I have to make switches in my rig to disable those USB devices which are preventing my pedals from being used in the game.
    Until last sunday, somehow (I wasn't really looking for it) I ran into a post which mentioned some little tool called UJR, after closer inspection I understood that I also needed vJoy. So I started my journey, taking away time from driving but I did not mind since my blood pressure was rising steadily from excitement. Some time later I had it, I had all my stuff plugged in and working within Windows and I could use them all within GSC2013.....I had finally arrived in sim-heaven.

    So what is the solution you might ask, well here goes:

    First make sure you install vJoy (get it here: http://vjoystick.sourceforge.net/site/). This little gem will create a virtual joystick in the slot 1 position (so above all other devices).
    Next get Universal Joystick Remapper (here: http://evilc.com/joomla/articles/9-code/autohotkey/1-ujr-universal-joystick-remapper ).

    Now within UJR map those buttons and Axis from the controllers beyond position 3 (mind you the vJoy has added one so there's at least 1 more beyond that dreaded point) and add them to the virtual joystick you created with vJoy and you are almost done.

    Next fire up all your sims and remap your input devices since the positions have changed when you added the virtual joystick.

    Lastly, whenever you fire up your sims UJR needs to run else you will have a virtual joystick without any mappings (still finding a way to make the mapping permanent but "waisting" time driving around GSC2013).

    I know this is a long post but I hope it has helped some of you who were in the same boot. Now, I have not found any input lag but than again I am not the fastest out there so feel free to give any feedback if you find any.
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  2. bookmarked :)
  3. I just replaced my T500 pedals with clubsports and ran into this issue. I can't believe there isn't an easy way to reorder the controller IDs in windows but regardless this did the trick. Thank you!
  4. Thank you so much meqtrader...will go to try this immediatly and hoping ill have success like you:)
  5. i was going to do what meqtrader suggested,but going to hold off untill i see if there is a reply from Reiza in another thread i made.I see i would have to remap all my sims(I have a few) and then run ujr everytime to get past the 3 controller limit.Would be so nice if Reiza did what they did for RF1...it really is the only sim that I have the issue with,and would be nice not to have to fire up a supplemental program every time I went to all my driving sims....so come on Reiza...you need to do this for gsc to bring that great sim you have to the same level as the rest!!
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  6. Hangon, that is exactly why I use 2 batch files in which I use "devmanview.exe" to enable and disable "vJoy Device". These I launch with every game which has this issue.
  7. @MeqTrader great tip on the devmanview, I can't get the vJoy to work, it only recognize the CSW steering and that all, with AF coming, not too much interested in that either (Virtual Device)

    So I use the devmanview to script to disable all unneeded device

  8. vJoy can be somewhat of a challange in finding the right device id but I always managed to find the right devices. What is your problem ?
  9. Thought I'd throw a few point up here. I've recently replaced my T500 pedals with ECCI and ran into the 4 game controller issue. Here's what I've learned...
    1) T8RS shifter mapped through vJoy/UJR will randomly "lose" button activation. Meaning, for example, you have the shifter in 4th, but when you're driving, you hear a "clunk" from the trans sound like you just changed gears, even though nothing "seems" to happen. I had this happen in a race the other night at Bristol. On old tires, that quick snap out of 4th and back into gear, only noticeable by the sound, was enough to send into the inside wall and bring out a caution.
    2) Per #1, I'm finding that while vJoy does "work", there are inconsistencies that really affect things, especially if you have your pedals mapped through vJoy/UJR. With the shifter as an example, I'm concerned, I'm randomly not always getting full throttle or brake, which could major issues if that disengagement happened at the wrong time.
    3) My USB Instance ID's (what Windows uses to enumerate the joystick order) means that it sees my T500 wheel, TM shifter, pedals, and then the button box. I'd like to just map the button box, per concerns from items #1 and #2, as it's the only one I can't see, but as soon as I add a vJoy to map the button box, that means that I lose the pedals. I've had to map mine like this in order to avoid #1 and #2, and still maintain all functionality...1=vJoy(pedals, button box),2=T500RS,3=TM shifter. I'm still concerned about losing pedal input intermittently.
    4) FORCE FEEDBACK...I originally configured all my devices on 2 separate vJoys, but found that FF is not mapped, which makes sense when you stop and think about it. Standard wheel input is being read and sent to the app, while FF is a factor sent from the app back to the wheel. In this case, it only knows to send it to the physical device and has no knowledge of the virtual one. Therefore, at best, all you'll get is a canned FF affect. A buddy of mine has an Accuforce wheel and attempted this and got no FF at all.
    5) Accuforce example...as stated, a friend of mine has an AF wheel. I hate him for it, but whatever, right? LOL What's he's found is that the USB Instance ID for the AF wheels is so "high" alphabetically that it always shows up last, no matter what. So, if you have more than 3 devices (2 if you want to set wheel sensitivity in game), then you'll never get the wheel without mapping through a vJoy game controller. Which comes back to items #1, #2, and #4. You'll never be certain you have full fluid movement with no loss, and you'll have no FF.

    As stated before, this fix is only needed for older sims like rFactor1, while newer rF2, AC, pCARS, all seem to be fine.

    My advice is, if you must run rF1, or any other rF1 gmotor 2 based sim (aka ASRX, Race07/SimBin titles, GSC, etc), then you're better off removing all devices past 3 you have to have (wheel,pedal,shifter). Noting that the 3rd device you'll lose sensitivity settings.

    Hope this helps someone.
  10. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    I do have my fingers crossed that since RF1 got updated for its steam release and the three USB limit was removed that this will come to GSCE as they share the same base code, I think.

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  11. I couldn't agree with you more Jason. I also have a AF wheel coming and not being able to run my SLI-display,DSD shifter,HPP pedals would be a shame. Please Reiza please resolve this issue!!!!!! :(:unsure:
  12. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    isi added this new code to there engine, which reiza I believe doesn't have access to, so if Iam correct they would have to obtain the code or write them selves which would take some time. Reiza replied to this subject earlier in one of threads kicking around here :)
  13. Jason Palmer

    Jason Palmer

    That's a shame mate.

    Just have to remember to plug my button box back in after a session on GSCE, not the end of the world really.

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