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Misc Brazil Track Update 1.2

Brazil Track Update

  1. Robert Kezer submitted a new resource:

    Brazil Track Update - Brazil Track Update

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  2. If you try a darker asphalt, i would test it if you need a second eye on it-
  3. It would be nice. So What do you think? Isn't it too dark now? Brazil asphalt.jpg Brazil asphalt1.jpg
  4. This looks quite perfect, can you pls give some pics for the wet track?
  5. Here, if you want to compare it:
  6. Here they are Brazil Wet.jpg Brazil Wet1.jpg
  7. Hm, that looks really good to me. I like it.
  8. Great job you've done on the tracks, well done.
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  9. bug in this start track
  10. bug track
  11. You repeat it, what is this bug about?
  12. What's the bug?
  13. no enter track
  14. what do you mean with "no enter track"?
  15. track down when enter.
  16. I have the same problem.
  17. Well it works perfect for me, and for many people, so i don't know what the problem is. Maybe you have problem, because of you mix the mods.
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  18. I have no problems too.