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Tracks Brazil Realistic Ultra HD + Dynamic Weather 1.0

Brazil HD

  1. dejanibanez submitted a new resource:

    Brazil Realistic Ultra HD + Dynamic Weather - Brazil HD

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  2. Excelent Job !! I will test this soon.

    About the dynamic weather, you can make the same dynamic weather for the following circuits, please?: Australia, Japan, Korea, India, China and Malaysia. Because in the real GP's in these circuits the races start at 16h00-17h00 and end at 18h00-19h00 (in sunset).

    Also, if you can make a "fast transition" version for Abu Dabi circuit for 25%-50% races? (from sunset to night)

    Thank You.
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  3. WOW. Thank you so much. hoping to see the 100% version of Aus, Mal
  4. Would be very cool to be driven into the void :laugh:
  5. nice job man, you're going to do other tracks too?
  6. How well works the dynamic weather?
    If it's true that become night at the end of the race (like in Abu Dhabi) can you do a version with scaled dynamic weather for 100% races?
    It shouldn't become night, just sunset a bit :)
  7. Do not use this version if you play 100% races because
    at the end of the race the track will get so dark you can't see anything
    because there's no track lightning!
    Jajajaja epic last laps jajajajaj
  8. it's sunset for 50% race at the end. its darker at 25% race at the end. its completely dark for 100% at the end. that's it. it can't be changed because the file cannot be edited it is encrypted. it is what it its it cannot be changed.
  9. Understood :(
    Anyway I love your HD tracks! They are really really well done :thumbsup:
  10. WOW! Q2 looks amazing!
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  11. it doesnt work....:S
  12. no iluminity change...
  13. jajja sorry yes works and is amazing!
  14. Thanks so much for these updates. I've tried to change the textures for the tarmac in some of the tracks and it is hard to see what 1 needs to be changed. Believe they added a few more tarmac textures for each track compared to last year. Anyway appreciate it very much.
  15. I just try this Sunset MOD on another circuit (Melbourne) and I found a serious visual error, quite apart from the issue of poor visibility:

    In the 00:10 minutes, you can see that the sun appears on the WRONG side, to the top right, when in actual racing Grand Prix Australia the sun goes down but on the left side (behind the stands).

    Look the real example, taked from the 2009 Australian GP (the last lap):

    If only there was a way to edit the 2 files (tod.dat and tod.xml) to perfect this mod and adjust accordingly depending on the circuit.

    Thank you very much.
  16. Great.... but in the rain :(