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Skins Brawn GP 1.0

Brawn GP livery for Williams

  1. Looks really nice but not really a fan of the fact that it's a Williams. Manor or Force India or even Haas could make more sense but I know the base design isn't as well fit
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  2. I can try on Manor
  3. Would be awesome. I've made Sauber in to a Lambo and hope to do some other team takeovers too
  4. Keisari Kine, can you upload your Lambo-Mod? Maybe can you made Sauber to Alfa Romeo? So the blue to a red and the yellow to a white or a black? :)

    /EDIT: Oh I see in the WIP Thread, you are on the Lambo-Mod, perfect! :) I want a new Career for Youtube on a complete new Fantasyteam like Alfa Romeo, Lambo or something other. :D Perfect! :)