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Skins Brawn GP Skin v1.1

brawn skin

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  1. hmmm why its gonna be replaced with the Mc Laren when you sreenshot shows an Mercedes Car ? o.O :D
  2. it is a McLaren not Mercedes ;)
  3. nono the sreenshot is an Mercedes Car not an Mc Laren ^^
  4. seems like a mercedes for the color but I used this effect on Mclaren, is one that mclaren
  5. the reason why the car is glossy because the specocc and materials file the car using.
    in default, green specocc for Merc + the materials results a gloss effect. which is suitable for grey color. if you apply a clear and black color for mercedes without altering the specocc and materials the color will look glitchy.
    i suggest if you want to apply white color for Merc, change the specocc to purple, and use a material file from Lotus, Sauber, Willams etc.
  6. thanks I'll try it