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Discussion in 'iRacing' started by Eric Estes, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. Lots of talk about improvement via braking - by mods or new equipment etc.

    Out of curiosity, is there anyone out there that right-foot brakes? I currently use my left foot and clutch pedal for braking, but as I'm getting a rig soon and in I-Racing heel-toe pays off, I plan on going back to the normal pedals. I was thinking of switching to right-foot at the same time, as that is my live-car preference, but am not sure it would pay off in simracing.

    Anyone tried it? Experiences?
  2. The only car I do not heel toe in in iRacing is the SRF. The car is atrocious if you do not left foot brake.
  3. Should be just about everyone using a clutch.. That is how you are suppose to drive with a 3 pedal setup.

    Throttle blips are difficult but re-arranging the pedal heights and positions can help greatly.

    HOWEVER.. Severe rally driver need to left foot brake constantly.

  4. as i JUST got my g27 and have been horribly attempting to heel toe. For consistancy i'm clutching upshifts but for downshifts i'm just blipping clutchless.

    The main cars i drive, riley, vette, f1 dont really rely on clutch anyways.
  5. As you get some of the other cars you will notice that you don't use the clutch when shifting that much. I can only think of the rookie cars, and the mustang, the skip uses the clutch on upshifts. Other then that it paddles and like Don said a little blip on the down shift. I use left foot braking, but applaud those who heel-toe.
  6. You don't need to use clutch in any car with dog gearbox. On Skip just make a lift for upshift or keep the paddle down till the engine reaches rev limiter.
    PS. My first post on RD, so cheers everyone :).
  7. cheers, :welcome:
  8. I've been attempting to heel and toe with my G25 pedals, but my size 14 feet aren't fitting very well. I think I may have to build or buy some CST pedals that I can adjust to my feet. For now I am going to stick with left foot braking.
    BTW I thought if you turn off auto clutch in iracing, you wouldn't be able to downshift without the clutch depressed.
  9. I did this with my G27's pedals. The issue is they arent long enough to actually use my heel to blip the throttle but going side to side with my foot like the first video I posted in this thread works pretty well.

  10. depends on type of transmision, more info here:

  11. Nice customizing of the pedals Steven! I may have to try that.

    Thanks for the link Dario.
  12. Tried some right-foot braking - failed miserably (skippy). Going to take some serious getting used to. I trail brake a lot and this doesn't work well with that (throttle feathered heavy, balancing on the brake until acceleration point). May end up trying a Boris Said type hybrid style (left and right foot braking). Will try again when my cockpit arrives, may have a more natural leg/foot arrangement.
  13. What kind of rig are you getting Eric?
  14. Obutto - Single monitor for now with the desktop. Working out building an armrest out of a spare Miata console so I can rest my arm on it while using the shifter.
  15. Very nice, I wish I could do the the race rig thing, right now I'm in the process of building a 3 monitor system. Hopefully I will have it all together by Christmas. You must post some pics when you get it together.
  16. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury

    This is a cool conversation, as I've always been fond of learning how to right foot brake. Thing is, most sims don't seem to actually penalize you for not using the clutch. And therefore you're actually faster without right foot braking. I haven't played much iRacing, but doing the whole thing didn't do a blessed thing for my lap times, it just made me slower. So without that incentive of speed for learning how to do it properly, I just don't see the point.

    Oh, and Eric, Obuttos are nice. Was thinking of getting one, but they are hard to come by over here in the States. I'm assuming you contacted Obutto directly, since you're in NC.
  17. I have an Obutto and it was pretty easy to get. There was a short wait as they were backordered, but we kept in touch and they let me know when it had shipped so I could track it. I was happy with the service.
  18. New US Distributor is based out of DC, but they ship out of Washington state. Right now they are in stock, don't know how long they will last. Main Performance PC is the distributor - Obutto.com has a link.