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Braking technique in Monza 08 with Formula Master

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by mcwood, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Hi~ all members of RD.:D

    I'm still struggle with Formula master.
    especially Braking is the most difficult for me compare to other cars.
    It's easy to lock brake and slip away.(of course no assists)

    In case of Monza08, even the AI(110%) takes it around 1'46"~47"
    but my league members take it amost same lap with AI(110%)...
    me? please don't ask about it....(-.,-

    So, i tried watching replay of other's again and again
    and i found a big difference in Braking technique
    they take severe braking before the corner and blow up tyre burning smoke..
    i think, they utilize locking brake intentionally...maybe not.

    however i have no idea about how to take brake of Formula master
    to make shorten deceleration section before every corner.:boohoo:
  2. You need to build up a lot of trust in the brakes. Perhaps knock the brake pressure down a little to avoid excessive locking of the brakes.

    In the Masters, the faster you go the more downforce you have so the faster you can go round the corner and this escalates. Trust in the downforce is also something you need to build up.
  3. Thanks for rapid answer~

    and how to get more downforce?
    by lowering ridehight or more wing?

    If i make the suspention more stiff it works for kind of downforce?
  4. More wing gets more downforce. But my point was that the faster you go the more downforce your car generates and then the faster you can go etc etc.

    Softer suspension helps braking too.
  5. Ah~ ha~!!
    I got it, thanks

    and how about the combining with engine brake?
    I usually take it 6,5,4,3.....2......3,4,5,6
    but others take it 6,5,4,3,2...1....2,3,4,5 <---- this is too difficult for me.
    (they take the first gear at least one or two times in every track)

    and how to share brake pressure by stepping on padel ?
    (with shift downing gear)
  6. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    That depends of the range of your gears. With WTCC RWD cars i take the first chicane in first gear as well. I have simply made the first gear a tad longer and yes it should help your braking for the first turn as you shift one time extra resulting in more engine braking.

    I mostly use "trailbraking" on all cars in RACE 07, they are all so stable that the little oversteer it creates can be easily corrected or used to take the corners a little faster. Keeping the engine revs high brakes the car faster also.

    Not sure if Greger Huttu's replay files of his hotlap in our 2008 league are still available but you can learn a lot from his way of braking.
  7. Thanks for your reply
    when i use 1st gear at the 1st chicane, i can't manage "Snap oversteer"
    so, i can't get balance of my car's rear,
    As you mentioned if use more longer 1st gear, i could get over it.

    Actually i use 50:50 brake bias, so i have to step on throttle a little with full braking.
    and also not that much severe lock on any of Foma's wheels.
    but it's really difficult to find exact time to start to brake and the amount of throttle.

    if i do same of brake bias(50:50) on WTCC E90 when i start to braking
    the car do drift...right we use this oversteer in cornering with the exact amount of oversteer.
    and i always starts my setups with comparing with yours.

    Formula car is really awesome and sensitive also it has really good balance.
    My club league started from WTCC and continued to Radical now Formula master.
    After Formula master...i hope to driver F1 car.
    and i heard that MMG's F1 is really someting but i can't get it for my GTR evo.
  8. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Apply some throttle on the downshift so the rear wheels don't lock. Also 50/50 doesn't really help with the balance either, put it more forward
  9. Thanks for your comments on Brake bias.
    (Ok, i will try it again with your 55:45)

    I tried to find Greger huttu's reply on YouTube...
    but he is an Aliean....OTL
  10. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    Yeah they are Alien for a reason, therefore good study material :)

    Its your lucky day! http://www.teamredline.co.uk/replays/16/ BMW @ Istanbul during our WTCC league where he was kinda fast :) If I remember correct 2:01: something with physics of 2007.

    Big laugh at the file description: I did this lap in pre-qual for the RaceDepartment league event. It's not a perfect lap, but not bad either.

    Haha i think he was one second faster than the rest of the field :)
  11. Thanks a lot~!!
    and i really hope the day of MMG's F1 2007 to come soon for gtr evo.
  12. Omer Said

    Omer Said
    Weresloth Staff

    Sorry this is extremely very offtopic. But after seeing your discussion about Greger Huttu, i had to share this. Most of you may already have seen it :) :D

  13. I haven't ever tried a formula master but try stabbing the brake just before braking properly (one quick stab, say 50% - 70% of the pedal, release, then apply the brakes as normal and trail brake through the corner) in corners you have trouble slowing down. When I do setups I usually try to put the brake bias as far back as I can without the car being unstable under braking, because it's then easier to back in to sharp corners, especially after straights so usually I can brake later with more rear bias. That's all just me though, it probably varies from person to person, I know I have a fairly aggressive style of driving.
  14. Thanks for your reply...
    there's some kind of difference in prefering Brake bias.

    in case of me, i like towarding rear bias,
    but if it exceed some level it makes threshold bake zone longer before turn-in of corner,
    because in straight zone, it more easy to knock off speed with forward bias.

    Sometimes with this toward bias, front wheels locked up and blow up smoke.
    but with more bias toward to rear...it prevent severe lock of front wheels.
    As you told it's up to the driver's skill.....
  15. How he, i mean Greger Huttu, could cotroll steeringwheel with that fingers~!! just awesome.

    What if...he use someting like USB cord inside of his body?