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Braking problems at Parabolica corner

Discussion in 'GT Legends' started by Roger Snead, Aug 8, 2013.

  1. As the title states some of you fellows know that already. :notworthy: Anyway, I was hot lapping GTL the other day at Monza, and was going too fast for the last rt turn toward the Start/Finish line.

    Anyway, I realized ahead of time I was not going to make the turn, so I hit the brakes for just a brief micro second and tried with no brake to turn right with no throttle and no brake, and the car did not try to turn one single degree, and as always the car goes full speed across the sand I think it is, and into the barrier, which is quite a distance for sure.

    Any game on xbox360 like F1, Forza, or even other sims like RFactor slow down and in console games will even turn with no brake applied. GTL is like the Energizer battery...it keeps going and going. The brakes work fine on the track and register 100%. This is just so unrealistic. What gives fellows? Thanks in advance.

    BTW, It takes a lot of b**ls to post such silly Q's. That BTW, is a sign of a great website, where the OP feels at home.;)
  2. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

    Im sorry to say i don't have a answer to this,
    Monza is not a default track(i know) so i don't know the grip levels on the track or off the track
    the car being used was it default or a mod,
    The tyres in gtl are the old tyres and they are different to most sims in how they react.
    this is just one of the things that the sim does, You do loose a lot of time going off track
    and the cars do slide on the grass and can get stuck in the sand as well as skate across it at speed.
    if you go into a corner to fast you do go straight on ive noticed that, like any sim it has things that are different to others in good way and also bad but the overall package for its years i think is very good and maybe one of the reasons its still popular.
    I know if you lock your tyres you will go straight on and some mods have a tendency to go straight on if you enter the corner to fast.
    Same as the setups of the car need to be fine adjustments you dont need max camber and tyre temps that are different across the three reading in XD this can make a difference, they work best with maybe the outisde and inside temp within 2 or 3 deg

    I dont think you asked a silly question by the way :)
    Last edited: Aug 12, 2013
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  3. Thanks Rupe for you quick reply. Yea, I figured it is just part of the sim, and not fair to compare some games/sims made with todays technology, but I wanted to be sure.

    The solution....drive like someone who should know better....lol. Thanks again.
    Just thought of something you said, maybe it is because Monza is a mod...will check, but I think it is typical. Still a very enjoyable sim.:)
  4. A lot depends on which car you were driving Roger. Some are deceptively quick, and maybe you were just going too fast for turn in. The brakes on some cars are not overly efficient either, so late braking can bring you undone in GTL. Also, as Rupe said, it can be easy to lock the brakes and once that happens, you need distance to let the brakes go and recover again before you can turn in. Much of this is pretty realistic for these older beasts though. No modern traction control, and anti-lock brakes in these cars, all down to good old human control.

    The best driving technique in GTL is to brake a tad earlier (and in a controlled fashion), get the car pointed for the best exit allowing you to get on to the power as early as possible without wheelspin.

    Try this with the car you were driving at that turn. If you still have the problem repeatedly, try a different car, and see if it is still happening. If it consistently happens with other cars, you may have a Controller issue or Controller setup issue. :unsure:
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  5. Warren and Rupe, you are 100% correct in everything you just posted......surprise, surprise, hehe

    :p Seriously, I was driv'n the bloody Capri muscle 70's car and just did not have the experience, nor memory muscle to have any decent times.
    I kinda deduced this was an issue before reading your post.(just finished) I decided to try one of my favs the Abarth on Nuburgring, a track I love, and had nothing but joy.

    Each mistake, I learned to settle down and feather the brake and throttle. As you have probably surmised, I come from 90% console racing, and it is more forgiving I think. I had it to where the sun went down, the moon and stars came out(10x) and I was soooo impressed with this sim of ...7 years old? Blows rFactor away IMO. It literally was beautiful with the back straight being in the shadows, and then come around to the Start/Finish and the grandstands and administration buildings lit up in what looked like florescent lighting, was more than I expected being I don't play very often. I am truly impressed.

    Thanks for your tips, as I will certainly apply them. Just had a great evening with this sim, all for under $4.00 on the cheapest laptop around! I will be around I am sure for more Q's. Thanks to all for your time and patience. I think I am getting bit with the "simbug"..lol

    Maybe someday soon I can join in some online racing, but I have a lot of practice to do...a whole lot.
    Last edited: Aug 8, 2013
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  6. You should make it sooner rather than later Roger.
    The GTL Club is ideal for beginners or inexperienced on-line drivers. Everyone is friendly, helpful, and enjoy the art of driving these cars first and foremost. More importantly, we have a wide spread of experience and skill level, so there is mostly someone around you to drive with, so even if you aren't one of the fast guys battling for the win, it can still be very enjoyable.
    Besides, there is only one way to learn. ;)

    BTW, I'm not surprised you were having some difficulty with the Capri, it is one of the fastest cars in GTL and can be a handful for the inexperienced. Even Rupe and I were made to look like fools in it a few months ago. :redface: (and someone made a video of it :whistling:).
    I'd recommend starting with the TC 65 cars first, they will give you a good grounding before expanding to some of the beasts. If you can drive the GTL cars fast, you should be able to drive most other Sims.
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  7. Rupe Wilson

    Rupe Wilson
    Senior HistorX club driver Staff Premium

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  8. Tony Wiltshire

    Tony Wiltshire
    "I'd rather be Sim-racing" said Noddy

    Monza is a default track, if by default you mean it came with GTL.
  9. Nox

    Staff Premium

    Hahaha that was hilarious :-D

    I'm a GTL noob too but I think I'll jump in an online session sooner rather than later. Don't mind finishing last, it's all good practice.
  10. Warren Schembri

    Warren Schembri

    For some unknown reason, they let me drive with them and you cant be much worse than me.

    On second thoughts, after watching that video, I fit right in!!! :p:roflmao:.
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  11. Paul Bennett

    Paul Bennett

    @Roger Snead welcome to GTL, it's a learning curve but once you got it you i'll love it.
    I think we all started on the console, but going out in the Capri is a bit of handful to start with like Warren said start with the slower cars to get the feel of it.

    Online club is a must :)
  12. Hiroshi Awazu

    Hiroshi Awazu
    Off Topic Moderator

    Not to worry there Andrew. Once i get back into racing with the group again you'll be second to last :D ;).

    Sorry i haven't been racing much lately guys, with summertime being here and lil munchkin gone to day camp during the morning/afternoons few days a week i've been taking advantage of that and been hanging out with friends that i haven't seen in a while.
  13. Thanks fellows for your warm welcome and advice. I am all ears, and take all advice gratefully. So keep it coming.;)

    HAHA...The video is priceless. Love seeing the Ace drivers look like me. That's hilarious.:p