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Braking and Shifting Help

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by Fahad Gaffoor, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. I am getting relatively O.K. lap times with the way I am driving

    But I still think I have got issues of braking and shifting down.
    Could somebody give me some pointers, like what you usually do.

    Do you brake, then shift down, or shift down and then brake, or both simultaneously??
    Give me some pointers.

    For instance the slow hairpins of Bahrain, where you have to decelerate and turn at the same time. I end up getting locked up, as you can turn and brake at the same time. So someone please advise me on that.

    I am using 360 controller btw.
  2. Personally, i brake and imediatly throw down 2 or 3 gears, then i take my time with the last downshifts.

    Just like you memorize your braking points, correct line and entry speed going into a corner you have to know beforehand which gear you want coming out of that corner.
  3. Usually I wait till the 100 marker and then simultaneously brake and Shift down, it really depends on which track it is :) I also use one foot for my braking and accelerating (Like driving a car on the streets) Hope this helps :)

  4. Actually I am doing the same as suggested, i guess its just a matter of getting used to the thing.
  5. i break AND shift down like - breakmarker -> start breaking (0,1/0,2 Secs later i begin to shift down while breaking) (6) bam (5) bam (4) bam (3) bam and than try to feel the car and the speed - if u have to shift down more - or start speeding.

    bam = the sound of downshifting xD every 0,1 secs
  6. I downshift while I'm braking. You have to be careful not to downshift too much or the wheels will lock up.
  7. i cant get the hang of gear changes on my xbox controller at all because the lower button to change goes up a gear and vice versa how stupid and i dont think i can change them
  8. brake like it slowing down , dont just jump into 2nd gear, right shifting down slows alot better.
  9. I think most of us can claim that we could do better braking, I know I can. However, I think the answer to your question is "Yes" :) As you've probably gathered, different corners have to be handled differently. For me, in this game, I find myself doing the brake, shift and brake+shift more than the shift, brake. In some cases, in Forza 2/3, I've used shift, brake because a sudden shift can help transfer weight back to the front of the car which can be used for grip. Please know I'm not saying my driving style is *THE* driving style this is just how I do it. It could be all wrong cause I'm a geek not a racer in life. Ultimately, I think you have to find what suits you. There are so many factors that I don't think there's any way someone could claim *this* is how you do it.

    I will tell you that using the controller is SO much harder than using the wheel. The controller is extremely sensitive, only the slightest of slight movements make big differences and if you aren't good enough to make (AND HOLD) these very slight adjustments.... forget about it!

    It's all about grip baby! The more you use to brake, the less you have to turn, period!
    It's all about that apex man! Consistently hit it correctly and you'll eventually be able to feel the max speed you can take it. Miss it often and be rewarded sucky lap times.

    Getting long, so I'll wrap... What also helps me is to not always try to drive at the limit. Graduate yourself up to the point of driving at the limit. AND, pay attention to your corner speeds. That part ain't easy. I'm still trying to train myself to be able to do it.

    I hope that makes sense.

    Zoom, Zoom hommie!
  10. Personally I think FM3 is alot more real driving. It's almost real driving but it can't b real cause it's game
  11. guess it depends on what your trying to achieve, braking is different under TT/Qualifying and Races.

    For instance, in TT I will brake as hard as I can on every bend and take advantage of engine braking at the same time - you probably don't want to be doing this in a race in career mode or you might wear your engine out.

    In TT I brake then immediately go down the gears as quick as possible, usually leaving the last gear change for the apex as it helps you get turn in. In the race I won't start changing down until I've been on the brakes for a while, so I don't use engine braking as much.

    I also use larger brake disc in TT, but in the race I will use small. Not certain about this one, but I reckon bigger is better for one lap, however in a race bigger is worst because they generate more heat over time and become less effective.