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Brakes overheating

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by skid521, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Had a situation last night in China where during practice I managed to loop the car into a barrier damaging the front end beyond repair (terminal crash). :eek: Opting to stay "realistic" I simply retired from this session and went on to qualifying. As I drove out on track I immediately noticed a massive vibration under braking. Took me a lap or so to check the Status pane and I saw that my front brakes were rapidly overheating. My qualifying position was really bad as my stopping distance was greatly lengthened. Going to the garage didn't fix anything. Figured my race was going to be a really long one with a bad brakes, but there was no sign of it during the race and there were no more issues.

    Was this a bug or damage carried over from practice to qualifying due to my nosing the car into the barrier? Guess there was enough time between qualifying and race for the team to fix the cooling ducts? :rolleyes: Anyone else ever have overheated brakes? It was nice to know that if it does happen, the game simulates it well - it was a bad shake and poor stopping experience.
  2. I'm having the same problem. Tried to out-brake Alonso into Turn 5, brakes overheated & I went head-long into the barriers, race over. I haven't been able to get the option for installing bigger/smaller brake discs yet either.
  3. I have only experienced this once, following the terminal crash in practice. The entire qualifying session was full of brake overheating, but the race was fine.
  4. What happens when the brakes overheat, i dont know. can someone tell me ??
  5. Front brakes overheat because the whole weight of the car under braking is moved towards the front of the car - laws of physics. So you need a perfectly balanced car. China is brake eater. Try to move the slider more to the rear and play with the balance of the car. When the brakes are overheating they are melting so you don't have brakes.
  6. @Kimi450 - the game simulates this overheating by showing the brakes rapidly changing color in the Status/Info pane, longer braking distance, and a wicked shaking. Still not sure how I ended up with it for qualifying or how it was fixed for the race.
  7. I don't think it's related to the accident you had in practice. Your setup is probably wrong for qualifying. You generally carry a lot more speed during qualifying because you can use DRS whenever you like. With the advantage of 10-14mph more on the straights, you generate a lot more heat under braking. If you adjust your brake balance, you should find it makes a difference.
  8. Acros : But with the speed that high the brakes should also be cooled down right
  9. maybe you should play with the BIAS of the brakes, i actually dunno if 2011 has that though, never tried it
  10. If the balance doesn't fix your issue look at changing the brake size. The larger the brake rotors the more space for the heat to disapate. Yes, you'll bit a bit heavier, but your brakes shouldn't overheat.
  11. Kimi450 - Can't argue with that!
  12. I would tweak bias untill both front and rear tyres lock at the same time, if the front locks first then put more bias onto rear and vice versa.