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brakes locking up

Discussion in 'F1 2012 - The Game' started by Jan Holm, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. Can someone tell me what to do ? My front brakes locks up no matter how the brake setup is,
  2. Brake balance plays between 50 or 2 clicks up / down.
    Usually on high pressure and small disc size.

    Not locking up unless I screw something up.

    Try finding the perfect brake markers and adjusting for tyre wear and tyre temperatures.

    You can practice in time trial, say, run the default setup on Monza.

    Upon approaching the turn 1 and 2 chicane, brake at the 200 meter board while slowly lifting the brake or even nudging it slightly if you still don't feel confident about it.

    You can also turn on the racing line to always on and attempt to start braking before it turns a shade of orange
    Green = optimal speed
    yellowish = slight risk
    red = stupidity

    Be sure to try turning it off from time to time when you're confident enough, if you're glued to the racing line assist too much, it will detract you from doing well in close combat.
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  3. Tried your advise but the brake pedal is to sensitive. It would be nice if you could brake like the real cars eg. 50-100m befroe a corner.
  4. What's your current wheel?

    If you expect to brake 50-100M before a corner, then you have to be only traveling at below 300KM/h

    Try fiddling with your pedal setups first. And probably follow some real onboard laps. Time trial helps a lot in getting to know the braking points.
  5. Andrew Ford

    Andrew Ford
    Premium Member

    what is your brake sensitivity set to in advanced wheel settings?
    it should be 0 per cent.

    try this....drive along a straight like in the young drivers test.
    brake at 90 per cent of pedal pressure...the wheels should keep rolling for about 2-3 seconds before locking.
    get used to this.

    once you have a feel for when they will lock...try going down the straight and just before they lock, start to come off the brakes as you turn for the corner.
    if you are still locking you need to come off the brakes faster as you will be using some grip for turning.

    it's about getting to know your braking allowance/distance before locking and once you know it, you will know when to brake and when to turn. stick at it and don't steer too much!
  6. One thing I noticed about F1 2012 is that breaking at 60 to 70% works much better than braking harder. I am not sure it is all fue to lockup. I hve a feeling something is wrong with the way the brakes work in game.

    One thing I did today, I tried braking at the same brake marker in Korea I have seen the real cars brake and it's not even close. If I brake at the same spot I overshoot the turn by a mile. I have to set my brake marker at almost double what the real cars brake at. I actually find that a bit disappointing. I'd like for these cars to have the same performance overall, but if we cannot brake at the same marker makes it a very different race/.
  7. Perhaps it's something to do with being only Melbourne spec?

    Cars are being upgraded every week, and we can't base it on 2011 as well because they had the blown diffusers.

    For a total newbie, I think following what the autobrake does for you is a good start. They're what the AI uses and it's up to you to follow it or stray from it to gain or risk something more
  8. Well, if when I race in Korea I ahve the melbourne sets that is also a problem.

    The bottom line is that the real cars brake in about half the distance they do in the game. Maybe they did that to make our times more similar to what would they be in RL if we were driving. I don't know.
    Also, korea is where I tested the brakes, but I had noticed it elsewhere as well.
  9. I've been testing the brakes and brake points too. Watching in Korea, they brake at the 50m mark easily but locked up pretty regularly too. They don't go way past the turn tho like when I try to brake at 50m.

    ...then again there is a speed/downforce issue at work as well. Look at telemetry they are maxing at 312kph and barely 300 at the speed trap. In game you can reach 320+ even with a ton of wing. I want to keep trying because it would be awesome to come into a corner and brake like they do but not sure the game is up to it.
  10. Im sure you're right!

    I play using a G27 and try to put 100% pressure when breaking and then lowering the pressure, but... sometimes at night i play just for fun and then i use a ps3 controller modded as xbox controller.
    On the controller i use auto gears, i noticed that when i apply 100% pressure when breaking the car loses speed and reduce the gears but not to fast and i can end locking up the tires. When i apply around 60% pressure the car lowers the speed way fast and i noticed the shift down is much faster, also most of the times don't locking. I still need to find this "perfect pressure" on the peddals, but on the controller i noticed the same as you said.